Saturday, August 28, 2010

Claiming it a GOOD day!

Dear Son,

Good Morning!

How conflicted I feel about even saying GOOD! Oh, don't get me wrong, I believe and am grateful that life IS's the 'not fair' part that gnaws at my soul.

I wonder if my relentless struggle isn't due to the fact that I do not believe---really believe the universal truth that I have spoken so many times: Life is not fair. Oh, it's good advice for everyone else, but I seem to be pouting when it's happening to me. ;)

I've seen bumper stickers, "Sh*t happens."

If I HAD a bumper would say, "Life happens!"

It's a control issue that drives my anxiety. I have learned throughout my life that if I just work hard enough, be good enough and pray hard LIFE HAPPENS!

Now in the mid-life years of my life, facing the most important struggle for your life, I am, I am compelled to do what I have done all of my life. And yet, I cannot overlook the wisdom of the very real fact: what I have been doing is NOT working for us. I now know the reason, I have been crossing your personal boundaries by controlling every detail of your life. I have been wrong in believing that you must make choices that align with MY choices. You are an adult; you have the right to make decisions that differ from my own. Please forgive me for 'being in your face!' I want, only, to be in your heart!

Oh the wisdom of the ages: If you live long enough (and are lucky enough) you WILL discover that we CAN "Take control of our consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape our daily experience of life. (Tony Robbins)

I'm reining them in today and claiming it a GOOD day!

Yes, the future is uncertain.

Yes, I have no control over the decisions you will make.

But, I can reshape my interactions with you--so we can restore our relationship.

I can challenge my carved-in-stone-belief system to make room your rights to be an adult.

I can shift my need to control and hand it over to One who created and loves you and me!

I can lift my laser-beam focus on those maddening things I cannot control, and see the delight in all of my daily experiences of life!

It IS a very GOOD day!

So on this very GOOD day, I am sending you blessings of love, promise, and a prayer of one of my all-time favorite verses:

"I pray above all things that you may
prosper and be in health even as your
soul prospers. ...I know the thoughts
and plans that I have for you, says the
Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and
plans for welfare and peace and not for evil
to give you hope in your final outcome"

Make it a GOOD day Son!


Dionna said...

I love the positive choice and attitude in this post. :)

Karen said...

Amen, Diane...

Dawn said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.