Sunday, August 29, 2010


"An eagle doesn't learn to fly... to "soar on the wings of an eagle" until it's practically starved. It isn't just a thrill ride. It isn't just a hobby. It's a necessity, a life or death decision" ~Chet Cromer

To Fly Like An Eagle

Oh the things we can learn from nature.

Read this compelling post by Chet Cromer (citing Frances Hamerstron).

Read it slowly....breathe through it and feel the weight lift from your shoulders as you begin to understand with me....that our desire to let our adult children soar must include "allowing [our] offspring to hunger--to even suffer."

Read it twice...or more until the peace seeps into every pore; "the eaglets first flight is not the same as the full grown eagle. It involves falling out of the nest, trying out the wings before untested, and eventually, a crash landing."

Read it with joy as you discover that while you can NOT SOAR for your adult child, you CAN be the wings beneath his/her wings!

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