Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday's Musings

Just a few perplexing thoughts on this Monday morning:

  • Hubby left last night for London. Upon his arrival to the hotel, he called home. How did he forget so quicly there is a major time difference between London and Minneapolis? How happy he was as he called, "Good Morning Baby!" My raspy 5:00 a.m. voice must have triggered his memory because he apologized profusely for waking me. Then, sweetly, he asked me if I would set the alarm for 6:30 a.m. so I could call him back to wake him for his lunch appointment. When did he lose his mind? Don't they have wake-up calls at the hotel?
  • 14 years old son was packing to go to the cabin with 25 year old daugher and son-in-law. Whit his booming voice he bellowed throughout the house, "Where are my swim trunks, where are my golf shoes, where are my underwear?" NOW, I ask each of you, when do you suppose the last time was that I wore any of those things??????
  • Son's dog, Jersey, and daughter's dog, Zoey, are gonna kill me! The rapid-fire chihuahua was trying to escape my grip so I leaned over to grab her--she was gone! Boxing her into a corner, I leaned down to the right with both arms outstretched to grab the nasty little princess.......and when I picked my left foot up to rebalance myself--Zoey ran between my feet and I fell directly on my face--landing solidly onto the pavement. My inner lip is now on the outside of my face, my nose is swollen to othe point that as I type I see its shadow....and I am bruised, not only under my nose, but on my left cheekbone, above my left eyebrow, my right whoulder and my left knee! I'm going upstairs now to put another ice-pack on my face and to consult with the Dentist as to whether or not it is normal for my two front teeth to wobble. I may have to call a plastic surgeon--cuz I'm pretty sure my left nostril is not suppose to be two inches higher than my right one! Whose dogs are they anyway--why was I letting them out to go potty?
  • But before I go, here's a sign I discovered at the park I visited Thursday morning after dropping off 14 year old son at his last day of school. Feeling a little sentimental as Thursday was not only his last day of school for this year, it was his last day of Middle School; he will be a high-schooler next Fall. (There's another perplexing question--how did THAT happen!) So I drove to the City Park on Long Lake, where as a young boy, we regularly visited. Wanting to sit quietly and reflect on my son's journey to High School, I pulled into the parking lot of the City Park on Long Lake and saw this:

SERPENTS?????? I live in Minnesota for crying out loud; we don't have SERPENTS! Furthermore, what's with the bold, block, in-your-face-lettering; this is the western suburbs of Minneapolis! We don't do bold! We're understated! We beautify our problems! Geesh! And all I wanted to do was reminisce! Serpents!

One more perplexing question, as I can't seem to publish this on blogger and my ice-pack is waiting!
  • What are cookies and why was my browser's cookie functionality disabled!?!?! I didn't touch my internet settings--honest, I promise! How do these things happen?


dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful Monday morning!! I am so sorry about your injuries. I hope the teeth tighten up! Glad you could keep your sense of humor in the process.

Cookies are annoying. They're definitely not chocolate chip!

Karla said...

Yikes! And I thought my Monday morning was a little rough. Phew. I feel your pain (as I fell on my face when I was 8 years old)! I hope you heal up real quick & everything returns to its proper place and appropriate non-wobbleness soon!

theresa said...

Oh my! I'm sorry to hear about your doggy accident!! I hope you recover for the cookie message I think it's a default message you get when blogger decides to go hay-wire on ya. Just refresh a couple of times or wait until the folks at blogger stop messing around!

Here's to a happy and safe rest of the week!

Morning Glory said...

You poor thing! I think you're the one who deserves the trip to London and let all the rest of them stay home and take care of the dogs!!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh I am aoooo sorry about the early morninng wake up. I can relate - this morning my little guy got up at 5:30 am!! Good grief!

Too funny that your hubby wanted you to set an alarm to wake him up!! That is a riot! I have done that for exams or stuff - as back up.

As for cookies - they let your computer remember where you have been. You want it enabled except sometimes weird things happen and you need to clear them. A forum I was on once had a bug and I had to clear my cookies to log in. Computers are strange and capricious beasts.

Good luck :)

Thanks for visiting today!

GiBee said...

Blogger had a scheduled downage --- or whatever you call it --- this morning at 8:30 EST. But I'm glad you finally posted, because I'm dying of laughter.

Serpents, indeed!

Brenda said...

Too funny, except for the fall on your face. Hope that doesn't leave a mark! The good news is Monday's almost over. Hope the rest of your week is better!

MugwumpMom said...

Ouch...your lip. Hope it's better. Maybe there's a Lochness type critter in your lake. LOL. Okanagan Lake, in the interior from where we live, is said to have Ogopogo, the Canadian version of Nessy, so there's gotta be an American version somewhere!! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

C. H. Green said...

Oh Diane, I'm so in pain for you. That sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm very accident prone. I hope you get to feeling better. I still have little cracks in my two front teeth from a bicycle accident. Facial injuries definitely aren't fun.

C. H. Green said...

Oh and I hope it wasn't the type serpent they found in our area recently, a 10 ft water moccasin that beat the world record.

Diane said...

My sympathies for your doggie-induced injuries, Diane. Hope you're feeling much better soon. :-)

And the cookie message---I got the same thing earlier, and I never disabled mine, either. I just tried again, and everything was fine. Just Demon Blogger being a snot, as usual. Almost nothing would surprise me about it, anymore. Glad you got this posted, it tickled me. ;-)

praynlady said...

Ok, first things first...
1. Howdy
2. Did you leave the dogs outside?
(I would have)
3. How's the face now? Still swollen?
4. Hope your whoulder is better. (sorry, laughing at the descriptions you portrayed and then you typo-d)
5. Hope you eventually get rid of the shadow!
6. My cookies do that now and then and I don't mess with my computer like that either! It's the COOKIE MONSTER!
and last but not least....
I know that you are a gal, cuz we've chatted a time or two but at the bottom of your post you say, "where as a young boy"......
ok, just asking!
Hope you are having a better day today and that God will bless you and keep you safe from dogs today!
May your nostrils straighten, your teeth not wobble and your eyes shine with the laughter that you bring to those that read this post! Sorry, I know it isnt funny but you sound JUST like me! Only I could do something like that! haha My family has called me "Murphy" for years!

Mom Nancy said...

what a "interesting" morning. I'm sorry about your face, but I think I'd have left the dogs outside all day just so I wouldn't kill them.

Serpents? Like Sea Serpents or just snakes??

Bears thinking about. Hmmm....