Tuesday, April 18, 2006


After spending a much-needed, relaxing weekend with our family in Dallas; I am home briefly--churning the laundry around as fast as I can as I am leaving for Orlando this afternoon. When I booked this flight a couple of weeks ago, I thought this was a workable plan. Breathe! What was I thinking! Youngest son is home sick with a sinus infection, can't fly the cat to my prodigal in Orlando because the temperature is too high; did you know that? You can't transport a pet on an airplane if the temperature at either location (departing or arriving) is higher than 85 degrees????? Well, let me just say--this is gonna be a problem! Can't imagine the temp's are lowering this time of year in Florida!

Wait--what cat am I talking about? Did I forget to mention that a few days back while I was trying to look happy as my son pulled out of my driveway-heading south to Orlando, he left his cat behind? The one that HE is responsible for, the one that I said would NEVER set foot in my house? Yup--that DARN cat! (Breathe!) To be fair, I must tell you, he had the cat all packed and ready for the long road trip south, yet, while traveling the 6 miles to my house to say good-bye--the cat nearly went crazy. He yowled, he growled, he jumped, he clawed--all in the travel sized kennel. "Mom, how will I EVER drive 1600 miles with Racer acting like that?" I must confess, with the emotions of the day--I LOST MY MIND. "Son, don't worry about Racer--he (yes, that cat) can stay with me and I'll bring him to Florida when I come down." Smile......breathe!

"Are you sure Mom--I don't want him to be a problem for you." (Sigh)--"No, my beloved son, Racer won't be a problem--you just get on the road--drive safely---I'll see you soon! I love you!" Smile! (Someone, quick, hit me on the back--I can't breathe!)

O.K...here's the deal on cats traveling. Need a health certificate--must see a vet for that. Cat needs valium or some sort of sedative to travel--who doesn't! I need prozac to travel with this cat--need to see the Doctor. Or can I buy prozac on line? Must check! (short-shallow breathes!~)

So now, 45 minutes before I leave for Orlando, the Airline calls and says, "M'am; proud owner of Racer? Yes? The temperature is expected to exceed 85 degrees this afternoon in Orlando, Racer will not be able to travel today." (hyperventilating now!) "However, M'am, proud owner of Racer, you may travel with the cat under the seat in front of you. The kennel must be no higher than 11 1/2 inches and the total weight of the cat and kennel may not exceed 15 pounds." (Where is that brown paper bag--I can't breathe!)

Needless to say--I'm gonna need more than prozac to take that cat with me under the seat in front of me. If the cat doesn't like to travel in a car--he had the entire back seat for crying out loud--what will he do under a seat? I don't think the Vet has enough sedative for the cat, for me and the surrounding rows of happy travelers to Orlando this afternoon! (Breathe--) Executive decision--I am not taking the darn cat. Yes, my son will be disappointed; yes, my husband may leave the house--he doesn't like living in a zoo! He's a firm believer that ALL animals thrive best in their natural habitats--outside of our house--not IN our home! (Breathe) Maybe--just maybe, when my husband flies on Friday evening to Orlando--the temp will be less than 85 degrees? (shallow breathing again)--Yeah--like THAT will ever happen.

Hang on; (putting my head between my knees now--taking a deep, cleansing breath!) O.K., I'm back. :) So I'm having a little problem breathing today! Smile :) Seriously, how does this happen? While my son is enjoying his new home in sunny Orlando, I am sweating bullets on a chilly Spring morning in Minnesota? Yes, b-r-e-a-t-h-e.....this is a mother's life.

And how can I complain really--I am loved, cherished, and followed by my new best friend, Racer. He loves me! I feed him! I may even miss him when I leave here in a few minutes. So I am going to post a photo of him so upon my arrival in Orlando--I can visit him! Maybe I'll find the strength to call my husband (from Florida) and let him know that Racer will be traveling with him on Friday night (when the sky is dark and the temperature is cooler)....maybe he'll sigh and say--"Of course, dear, I'd love to bring Racer." (Rapid breathing now!) Well, a girl can dream, can't she!


kpjara said...

The name "Racer" is clearly God-Inspired, based on the tale from the backseat.

Maybe this just isn't an Orlando Cat?

Nicole said...

have a great flight and a safe trip to Orlando. That is so nice of you to look after your son's cat.

I think with a sedative the cat would probably sleep the whole way, in case you change your mind about putting him under your seat.

GiBee said...

Woa, baby! I can't breath eather, because I'm deathly allergic to cats... just put him in a padded envelope and mail him off...

What??? They have nine lives, don't they?

GiBee said...

Hmmm ... I didn't mean I can't breathe eather... because I really haven't tried to breathe eather before.

I really meant... I can't breathe EITHER.

So much for spelling skills!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thanks for the laughs! I am currently at the Mpls. International airport at one of those handy dandy airport internet kiosk's. I needed the smiles....as I am ready to board...WITHOUT the kitty! I'll keep you posted as to my hubby's decision. You know, they say to keep a marriage happy--one must be wi1ling to surprise! Well--surprise honey! Have I got a traveling partner for you!

(P.S. I'll let you know, too, if we make it to our 31st wedding anniversary in just a few weeks after THIS episode! :)

Morning Glory said...

Have a lovely trip and good luck with the cat! However he gets to Orlando.

C. H. Green said...

I hope Racer makes it.
By the way, TAG you're it. See my blog for details.

Rachel said...

Have fun with that cat :P.


Yes I do agree with you. What mothers put in for their kids.

Saija said...

chuckling ... poor racer ... i'm a cat person, with a cat that doesn't travel well either! the 5 mile trip to the rental house from our old house had our feline yowling, spitting and hyper-ventilating! silly cat!

but if you keep the cat, why think of the fun things you'll find to blog about! :o)

Shalee said...


This is exactly why I can't convince Mr. Right to let the kids have a pet. He doesn't want to wind up taking care of it.

A Bishop wife said...

I have two cats. Thomas is yellow(looks like Garfeild) and Percey look like the back and white kitty in the photo. Our youngest son is autistic so we named them after "familiar" characters from Thomas Tank Engine.

Thanks for the advice you gave me too!

Lisa said...

Hi Diane-
Yeah, you know it-you've been tagged "again!" Thx for keeping in touch!

Spring is a crazy time for me!! I'll reply back to you on my blog!

I always love your posts-fantastic!

Melene said...

And you told me I was B.U.S.Y.??!! Have a safe trip and enjoy the time with your son. Everything will work out with Racer. Thanks for stopping by.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Huh, last week (sorry this is rubbing it in, isn't it?) it was cooler in Florida (upper 70s) than it was in Kansas. Too bad I couldn't have flown him for you.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you posted on my site because I LOVE it! God placed a great spirit inside you and He's working, churning in you in beautiful ways! So sweet to watch!

Have a great day! Glad to have met you.

heartsjoy said...

Laughing, I'm allegic to cats so I would really be wheezing. What a great mom are you to love the cat even when you didn't want it. :)

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