Friday, July 01, 2011


Many of us are getting ready, or may have even begun, to celebrate this long 4th of July weekend. As I type, I should really be packing my bags to go up north with my family for a much anticipated long weekend at the Lake. But before I worry about a few simple things like packing...I want to share with you a powerful testimony of freedom by a woman I recently met via cyberspace, Teri Murgia.

Interesting how God works in cyberspace; more than interesting--it's miraculous!

Throughout the years, we have prayed for our prodigals...many of them struggling to overcome their addictions. For many of us, the wait has seemed unbearable and endless. About six weeks ago, I met Teri on a Facebook page, The Addict's Mom. From her first post, I saw more than the words of wisdom she shared...there was a sensory reaction beyond the black font--and with each posting I felt hope. After a few exchanges, Teri shared that she was not only the parent of a young son dealing with addiction, she was in recovery herself. Today, following my blog talk interview with Judy Douglass, I received an encouraging FB message from Teri, leading me to her testimony. With 5 simple words, I was hooked; for Teri told me, "My recovery belongs to God." I knew I MUST listen to her testimony.

What a joy it was for me to watch this video. After spending more than a decade praying for my own prodigal, I was mesmerized as I listened to Teri's testimony. She was speaking my language, the language of hope. Teri's life is a panoramic picture of HOPE! Teri has stepped into real freedom and is now living the life that God has prepared for her to live. It is the desire of her heart to share hope with other families. Listen, if you are ready for some heavenly fireworks! Watch, if you want to see evidence of the fact that God is STILL in the business of miracles! There IS hope my Partners in Prayer...there IS Prodigal Hope! Will you leave a comment after you watch this video to encourage Teri as she follows God's leading for her life? Let's be the cheerleaders of God's plan! Doesn't that give you joy! Rah-rah! Woo-ha~! Let's celebrate divine freedom today...another prodigal has returned home! Let the royal banquet begin.


lulu said...

What a powerful testimony. Addiction can grab us from all walks of life. Thank you for sharing your story. May God continue to use you.
In prayer for all those suffering from and recovering from this disease.

Dawn said...

I will definitely be listening soon!