Thursday, June 02, 2011

WORLDWIDE Day of Prayer For Prodigals--June 2nd

Did you know that JUNE 2nd is the Worldwide Day of Prayer For Prodigals?

Created by Judy Douglas of the Office of President, Campus Crusades For Christ and founder of Prayer For Prodigals (c2011), the Worldwide Day of Prayer For Prodigals ( is a day of prayer around the world for all prodigals.

The Prodigal Hope Network invites you to participate in this day of prayer. To participate, simply visit The Prodigal Hope Network's Wall of Hope and pray for each name posted there. Additionally, you will find on the Prayer for Prodigals website, a 2011 Prayer List (

Let's storm the gates of heaven and stand in the gap together on behalf of our prodigals!

There IS hope...PRODIGAL HOPE!

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