Saturday, January 01, 2011

I DON'T do resolutions!

I have been known to announce on many occasions, "I don't make New Year Resolutions!"

I know, I know, "every party has a pooper, that's why we invited you.....Party pooper!" :)

As I was watching the ball drop last night, a simple thought crossed my mind: "Without resolve as you move forward into the New Year, how will you stay on course?" A short argument followed with myself!

"There is nothing different about this day...resolutions can be made any day!"

No matter how many times I heard this refrain in my mind, the volume of it's conviction dimmed as I thought about the strength of our determination.

Strength of our determination? On this blog, we have talked a lot about remaining strong during our wait. Putting on the armor of God, standing in the gap, and surrendering everything to God. No holes in our armor and no wavering allowed!

Could it be that refusing to create 'resolutions' for a new year is a dent in my plan...a dent that will rust and soon create a gaping hole in the strength of my determination?

I know, I's not about making resolutions on ONE day only--but I think I've become's about having the strength to keep those resolutions EVERY day!

Here's the list that, literally, flashed in my mind....complete....and as brilliant as the fireworks of MIDNIGHT, 1/11/11~!

  • When you love a prodigal whose life is out of control, you begin to feel and live as a victim. I am not a victim. I will stop living, stop thinking, stop behaving as though I have done something wrong. I will say with the Apostle Paul (every day of my life), "...[God's] power is made perfect in [my] weakness. Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Corinthians 12:9 I am equipped with Christ's power! I am no longer a victim, I will choose, rather, to overcome! I have choices, and not just your average, run-of-the-mill choices; I have powerful choices. I will live my life powerfully!
  • I will stand in the gap on behalf of my land. I will remove myself from the landmines of the battle. Instead, everyday I will climb onto my "watchtower and stand before [God] on behalf of the land so [He does] not have to destroy it" (Ez: 22)
  • I will remain strong in my commitment to remember the difference between what IS effective and what IS NOT. Oh, I've wanted to BE the difference but will now remember, THAT is NOT an effective solution, nor is it SURRENDER. I will yield the answers to the all the questions of my life to God--who created the universe and holds resurrection power--He is more than capable!
  • I will step out of the battle field and step firmly into God's plan for my life. He created be me! He has offered unique gifts to me that I have rudely ignored. He wants a relationship with me, He desires to be known. He wants to bless, to empower, to restore my brokenness. It IS who HE IS!
  • I commit to do, at least, one thing daily that will strengthen my commitments for 2011 (and reserve the right to do more).
Phew! After years of resisting making New Year's Resolutions, I kind-a like this list! As it flashed in my mind as a fully developed text, I felt peace. I felt purpose. I felt whole. I felt hope! Not just hope for my prodigal, but hope for my life! Remember those feelings? I'm not being facetious; it is a sincere question for I know, how I know, that when we are battle weary and fatigued, when we have been sacrificially fighting harder for the life of our prodigal than they are, we have inadvertently set aside our own happiness, our own goals, our own lives--our very purpose.

Will you join me in saying--it is time for this to stop! Let it be known, that at midnight on 1/1/11 we begin again at the beginning! For what we've been doing has NOT been working...let's try something different!

Will you join me? What is your beginning? Let 1/1/11 be a day of renewal, a declarative day of new beginnings.

I can't wait to hear your first steps. What is one thing you can do today to honor your new commitments? Let's power up!

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Mark Sturgell, CBC said...


I am thrilled with the "new start" you've already made toward the end of 2010 and all that it promises for the year ahead. This post reminds me of how I sometimes respond when people ask me to answer "What is coaching?"

We are all observers in the world. As a result, each of us sees our world in a particular way, which produces three choices.

1. We can do nothing, allowing ourselves to become reactionary "pin balls" bouncing off of life's circumstances - we become "victims" who allow circumstances to define us. I especially appreciate your consistent message to parents of prodigals, that they NOT be victims.

2. We can take new actions based on how we see the world, with the intent of producing new results. This is how most people and organizations typically approach change. Sometimes, even when we feel like we are trying "everything", well, everything isn't enough to change anything.

3. We all have a third choice, although it is too seldom exercised; that is, we can see the world in a new way, which produces many new possibilities for action that did not exist before. The third choice requires a different lens through which to focus. This is the world I work in as a coach. This is how the Holy Spirit works in us; when we allow His control, everything changes; we become aware of new possibilities that were once inconceivable; we have a true sense of hope.

I pray more than that God blesses your work in 2011. I pray that you are blessed in doing His work.