Thursday, March 05, 2009

Just because it's Thursday


I look forward to Thursdays....for the sole reason it IS THANKFUL THURSDAY!

Early in my blogging adventure, I discovered Grace Alone. Stumbling upon Iris's blog was, simply, a God-thing. For a little more than three years now, Thursday's have been a very special day of focusing on our blessings! Iris has recently announced that she will be taking a leave of absence from personal blogging...she will be missed...and I pray her time away will be refreshing and rewarding as she follows God's leading. THANK YOU Iris for faithfully leading us to God's Grace!

I am thankful for the conveniences of life; I continue to struggle with some sort of (horrendous) virus this week...and let me tell you...I so appreciate my washer, dryer, dishwasher--and take out! ;)

I am so thankful for my nephew. He and his three daughters have been living with us since before Thanksgiving. He and his wife are going through a very difficult challenge. My heart has been blessed on more than one occasion as I have been able to witness Joe's faith grow in the face of a terrible loss. Three daughters, under the age of 5, loss of financial stability, and pressures that no 27 year old man should ever face--he is amazing! He is not just surviving...he is thriving. God is doing a mighty work in his life...and I am so thankful to have a front row seat!

I am thankful for the opportunity to introduce to you....a very talented young girl. Shelby (in the video at the top of this post) is my cousin, Joy's daughter. Her talent is bigger than the years on this earth...she is only 14! Please take just a few moments and listen to her sing...she does not disappoint! rock!

I am so thankful for family. And for new family that God brings into our lives. Tomorrow, at Partner in Prayer for Our Prodigals, I am so pleased to introduce you to someone who has blessed my life since I first met her while blog surfing! Just couldn't resist getting to know a woman who titled her blog, "I Am My Kids Mom!" I love a women who knows who she is! I discovered we had so many things in common: both moms, both Christian Counselors, both understand the pain of loving a prodigal, both....both....both....! Once again, I learned that God has a way of bringing just the right people into our lives at just the right time. Valerie Wolff has agreed to be a Guest Blogger on the first Friday of each month. Because I am SO creative, her posts will be entitled....."First Friday's With Val!" Stop by tomorrow and meet Valerie!

See you then! In the meantime, enjoy the blessings of this day...and every day!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful blessings.

Nadine said...

She does rock - what a voice at 14.

I hope you feel better soon.

what a miracle to see the blessings through the heartache of your nephew.

karenp said...

Diane...I'm thankful for you! For sharing your life and wisdom via your blog.

Blessings of health and strength to you!