Friday, November 21, 2008



Did you know about BlogRadioTalk? Me neither; not until last night, that is, when a friend from FaceBook posted that she was getting ready to do her radio show in 30 minutes. Well, off I went to and I sat in the comfort of my new office (!) and listened as Amy Hammond Hagberg interviewed an amazing (that's AMAZING) young man, Nate Huss. Where have I been? I haven't heard about blog-radio...and I hadn't heard Nate Huss's voice yet?!?!?

This young man not only has an outstanding voice and musical ability, he has a love for the Lord that would make any mother proud. ;)

Adopted at birth, Nate's song, "Your Own" has been chosen by FOCUS on the Family to highlight their November ministry campaign in support of Christian Adoption. After hearing his song, it is not difficult to understand why it was chosen.

Please...sit back in your chair, click on the video, turn up the volume...and just focus on the lyrics to this song. His interview tonight on Blogtalkradio....was just as compelling. I think I'm going to send him a list of questions and do a Blog interview. Remember those....old fashioned things!

I can't think of a better thing to share this Show N Tell day!

Be blessed!


groovyoldlady said...

Very touching. What a relief from guilt for all those young women who've given their babies away for adoption.

Giving Thanks said...

Good Morning!

Just a reminder from Heather (@ Swallowing A Moose) of the Giving Thanks @ Thanksgiving Bloggers Event starting tomorrow, Sunday. The dedicated site found at and is ready for those of you who are participating to link up. In case you haven’t heard many of us are dedicating a post on our own blogs of our testimonies as a way of ‘Giving Thanks’ to the Lord for His work in our lives. If you missed the 1st invite just head over to the site and the instructions for how to participate are below the top post. Hope to see your testimony there!

Heather Twitchell
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Tabitha Blue said...

I haven't heard about that either. Thanks for sharing... so beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful song/video! I agree with groovyoldlady about the relief for women that chose to adopt out, but also how many voices might have been lost via abortion.

Thank you for sharing!