Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Wrap-Up

And what a week it's been!

Once again this week, I am amazed by the community of bloggers I am blessed to be part of. Never did I imagine when I began blogging in February 2006 that I would feel a spiritual connection with so many of you! At the risk of the "mental health police" reading this and coming to take me away.....I am going to say it: I literally "felt" surrounded by the presence of believers this week as I prayed for Heather, a not-yet-met Christian woman, still held deeply in my heart! Once again this morning, as I passed my prayer closet on my way to take my son to school, I felt a tug, calling me to the communion I've experienced while praying this week. Yes, we have an amazing community here...don't we.

One of the most amazing posts I have read this week can be found at Kisses of Sunshine. Seriously, it was as if Gibee was speaking directly to Heather.....with a message directly from God! Quoting Mac Powell, Gibee said, "God was seated on His throne when this tragedy occurred. He was still in charge. He was not taking a coffee break the moment this happened."

Does that not strike a chord!?!? How beautiful to know, that while circumstances in our life are seemingly out of control, God is, in fact, "still on his throne!"

What response does this compell in you?

Give it some serious thought.

Breathe in this knowledge! And then read Heather's response: In part she replies, "I am choosing to anticipate the next great provision. Whatever provision that may be. I am choosing to believe that no matter what- even if God calls me home tonight in my sleep- He never stepped off His throne.

He simply brought me closer to it."

Anyone else have goose-bumps (or "God-bumps" as my friend Jan calls them!)?

We've learned a lot this week. We've learned that in a split second, one's life can change. We've learned that God IS working even when we don't understand, we've learned that God provides even our deepest needs. And, we've learned that "out of the mouths of babes".....comes ...wisdom!

And, we've been inspired, oh so inspired!

"Let them shout for joy and be glad
Who favor my righteous cause;
And let them say continually,
'Let the LORD be magnified
Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.'"

According to Healing Scriptures, "The word in the Hebrew for prosperity here is "shalom" and we know it as the word for peace. However, in the Hebrew this word literally means health, prosperity and peace--wholeness, welfare. So you can clearly see the mind of God who takes pleasure in the health, wholenss, prosperity and peace of we His children! He's excited for us to have it. Once you get ahold of this, praise and adoration will naturally flow forth in pure appreciation for who He is to us and all that He has already done for us. Fear and doubt will no longer have a place in your thinking. What an awesome God He is!!"

Yes, what a week it's been! "Let the LORD be magnified! Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant(s)!"


Dawn said...

AS I told Heather this morning, my eyes have been leaking all morning, starting with reading her post. I am trusting it's not pink eye from one of the professors, but a manifestation of the Lord's power and love. It has been quite a week. In our family and everywhere else!

Thank you once again for all of your love and support. As Feisty tells me all the time, "You're the BEST!"

GiBee said...

I have felt those God Bumps that you referred to ... and I have felt the POWER of the Holy Spirit moving through the internet.

Simply Amazing!

Dawn ; ) said...

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. I've got several thoughts milling thru my head and I'll be back.
Have an awesome weekend!

Ruth said...

happy friday! shabbat shalom to your heart and home!

Barb said...

As this week started unfolding, I felt overwhelmed at all the sadness, and so worried about so many of our friends. Heather's news blindsided me. Then I realized there are miracles happening out here. I'd say God-bumps is the perfect way to describe it.

Yellow Mama said...

It is a great comfort to know that God is working the best out of the worst, but even when we just see the worst, He gives us a God kiss right on our cheek to remind us of His love. I remember the day our family saw a rainbow after a storm...we were in the midst of a storm and we were reminded He cares and will always be there.

Sue said...

We serve an amazing and faithful God! It is wonderful to have such awesome "new" sisters online!

groovyoldlady said...

God IS moving in Heather's (all our) life!

Linda said...

I know this has to be true - or we have nothing. If I didn't believe that God is in control, I would literally have nothing but dispair.
You are so right, there is such power in corporate prayer.

Nadine said...

I too was moved by Heather and pray for complete healing. God is good and He is bigger than we think.

Dawn said...

Part 6 is up for both of us!