Thursday, February 08, 2007

So glad you stopped by!

I am always glad to see you; however, may your stay be shortened as you click over to this series! Kev has posted Part Two of his series--and don't forget to visit Grandma Dawn for her perspective as well, "A Story of Deliverance--Part Two"

Rarely, is your blogging time so worthwhile!

But--do come back--soon--won't you?!?!?


Yellow Mama said...

Howdy from Texas. Hope you have a!

Heather Smith said...

Thanks for sending me over there! I hadn't had time to visit any blogs lately, but now I'm caught up on both series.
It's such a blessing that they are using these experiences for God's glory!

Linda said...

I visited them both yesterday. Their story is so moving. I know the Lord is going to use it to bless other lives.

Dawn said...

Thank you for sending folks over - you're such a good friend!

C. H. Green said...

I have been blessed by this family and their "story." I smile whenever I think of what God is doing through blogger and you. Have a good day my friend.

Dawn said...

Regarding your comment this morning - you are absolutely right in your perception. We sat around the table, drove down the road, praising the Lord for this wonderful opportunity, and for the fact that Kevin is alive, well, delivered, happy. The whole idea was Sema's. It was such a blessing to look forward to his 30th birthday tomorrow. They have not celebrated his birthday together for 3 years. God is good!

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for pointing out this story. It is unsettling to read right now becaue I'm not sure if my son is doing drugs or not. But his family and extended family is praying for him.

Sharon Lynne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
I so appreciate your support and encouragement!

Terry said...

Dear Prayihg...I have heard you so many times on David's blog but this is the frst time I have visited you I think.
As I am writing this I must tell you that I noticed that nice sheep on your former posting.
I will have to come back again for a visit when I have more time!

Anyways the reason I stopped by now was to tell you that David Fisher has been ill and wants us to pray for him..
He is suppose to take the long dreamed for trip to England to visit where his hero, George Muller had his orphanages..
Could you please pray for him?
He asked us to....from Terry

I see you have c.h. green on your comments..I have her as one of my favorite links and I haven't even paid her a visit lately!
Ashamed of myself I should be!!
I will have to change THAT too "when I have more time!"

C. H. Green said...

Oh you're gooood at keeping secrets!