Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday's meanderings

  • It's President's Day: no school!

  • Everyone is home....still, no one knows who messed up the house over the weekend. It was clean on Friday, folks, I swear!

  • Hubby and I are avoiding the cleaning projects, left by those nighttime, elusive gremlins, and doing a little shopping! I love shopping with hubby--it's guilt free! When he's in the mood to shop--I drop everything and go!

  • Still have some reading to finish before my Tuesday evening online class. Isn't this internet thing amazing?!?!? You can take college courses without ever leaving your home. For the next 8 Tuesday nights, I will be in a WebCT classroom; should prove to be interesting for this non-traditional, middle-aged, college student!

  • After going to three funerals last week, I'm a bit hesitant to read the paper or answer the phone. Mid-life is a bit unsettling.

  • Perspective: So important! While middle child, adult, wayward son is still struggling to make progress, at least he is not deconstructing for all the world to see! Things could be worse! (Stay tuned for Celebrity News on Tuesday @ Kristen's for further details)
  • While I'm tempted to fix the mess of spacing on this post AND the messes discovered when I awoke this morning in my home, I'm going shopping!
  • Have a great day!


Dawn said...

The perspective thing is oh, so true!! What is up with that poor girl and her poor little boys who have to be her children?? I feel so sorry for them, and for her in another way. She's pathetic.

No school today, but the university is in session. Have fun shopping -

Kristen said...

Britney, britney, britney.....she's already in my "Celebrity News" draft. ;-)

Linda said...

I like to shop with my husband too. He always encourages me to buy lots more than I would on my own :)
How exciting that you are taking a class. I'll be interested to see how it goes for you.
Happy shopping!!