Monday, October 16, 2006

Waiting for a phone call

What do you do when you are waiting for an important phone call?

October is Breast Care Month; dutifully, I went to the Breast Care Center last Tuesday and had my annual Mammogram. On Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call asking me to return for further exrays--the Radiologist saw something of interest. Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. I returned for additional exrays to decipher the nature of the nodules seen on the first set of pictures. An ultrasound followed; upon which the radiologist suggested I get a Breast MRI. He was to fax my report to my physician and my physician was to schedule the MRI. I phoned my Doctor's office by 9:00 a.m. and waited patiently for a return phone call.

Who am I kidding; patiently? 10:00, 11:00, Noon, 1:30 p.m.--no reply. After pacing for several hours, I did the only reasonable thing one can do whilst waiting for an important phone call--I began cleaning. I dusted, I organized, I sorted, I cleaned! Quiet cleaing that vacuuming--too noisy--wouldn't hear the phone ring.

After leaving a 2nd message for the answering service, I found myself in my 14 year olds' closet with nothing to do! Now, that's some power cleaning! For every article of clothing had been sorted, hung according to season of weather with outgrown sizes stacked neatly in a Hefty Bag to be taken to Goodwill. Nothing like waiting for an important phone call to enter the danger zone!

By 5:30 p.m. I heard back from my physician's assistant. She nonchallantly told me it was too late to schedule the required exam (DUH!), but assured me she would do it first thing Monday morning.'s first thing Monday morning...and my phone(s) are laying quietly by my side as I type; nothing.

What do you do when you are waiting for an important phone call? Help! I'm not a cleaner by nature....and I'm not sure what to do next! Of course, I will give "Alison" a few more minutes before I call her, yet, again. Don't get me wrong--there's more cleaning I could do--but enough is enough! While it has taken me just a minute or two to type these words.....time stands still when waiting for an important phone call. Yes, I understand, the pot of water doesn't come to a boil any faster while watching over it! I understand that the necessity of another exam does not predict cancer. I get it! I just want to be done with this! Don't these medical professionals know? It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month--this should be a snap! It is still October--isn't it!

So for now, I will continue to clean. Unless, that is, any of you have a better idea! But don't leave a comment if you haven't scheduled your own Annual Mammogram; get 'er done! THEN, return and leave a helpful suggestion of your own great ways to take your mind off the wait!


C. H. Green said...

um. amazing how our lives are running parallels. This past Friday I made my appointment for my physical and mammogram.
Don't know what to tell you about the wait. I can't stand it either.

Dionna Sanchez said...

Oh I know it must be so tough! I do hope that your results come out okay.

I have a hard time waiting too - try reading the Bible, or listening to a Christian speaker online.

Dawn said...

Have you read my post about the longest week-end of my life? Sounds familiar, only I don't remember what I did, since it was long ago! I'm a terrible waiter. But cleaning sounds like a great solution. Maybe I should be waiting for an important phone call - my house could use it!!

I have had lumps since I was nursing Kev, and have endured so many mammograms and extra tests. They hurt me so much! So far, no bad news. I'm sure yours won't be either. But if it is, you and God will deal with it!

Debi said...

Sorry that you're having to endure this difficult wait...I hope the end of the wait brings a well timed appointment and good news

Heather Smith said...

I hope you received your call and that all is well! I hate waiting for doctor's offices to call. I mean I know I'm not THE ONLY patient, but I am A PATIENT that DESERVES their attention!! That is if they want to keep me as a patient! LOL!