Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First day of High School

"What WAS my locker combination? For that matter, where IS my locker? Where is my first class? If I can't find my locker, can I carry my back-pack with me? Where do I go for lunch? What time does school start? What did I do with my High School ID? Where do I go for class pictures? Mom--where is my favorite shirt!!!!"

These are just a few of the perplexing questions I heard early this morning as I was getting ready to take my youngest to High School. I thought he was ready! We went to High School orientation last Thursday morning--where all the questions were answered. When we discussed how the orientation went, he told me not to worry--it was dumb! He has it under control! What happened between then and NOW!?!?!?

Remember your first day of High School? I'd like to say I can, but I'd be telling a lie! So, I mustered up all the patience I could and told him he would do just fine. I gave him extra money so he could buy another schedule. I told him to check at the office should he get lost--to which he replied, "Where IS the office?" I fear he was checking out how much the 8th grade girls grew over the summer months when THAT information was mentioned!

But, all is calm as I sit and type this post-haven't had a phone call from him YET! My first day of his High School years includes doing a few things around the house and having lunch with some friends. Maybe they can jar my memory, maybe they can remind me how disorganized I was on the first day of MY high school years. Shouldn't be too hard--it was only 38 years ago; I'll just have to sort through all the memories that I have stored in my feeble brain! Where is the recycle bin for our brain!?!?!? Or maybe, those first days were so terrible, it is now a mental block! I should have been nicer to my son!

The first day of High School-- a day to commerate, not a day to elaborate--so I'll make it a short post! Besides, I have to go upstairs and start praying her remembers where his locker is...and what the combination is! Isn't that everyone's nightmare!?!?


Heather Smith said...

LOL! I hope he has a good day. High school, great memories! Hope you have a great lunch w/ your friends!

Dawn said...

I commented on the last post, and then discovered this one. It was regarding your comment on the wedding pix. It was a lovely wedding - we had the other one six months later! Busy and stressful times, but fun also. Their cake was purposely picked out to be non-traditional American. We couldn't do the Kenyan way, so we did the next best thing.

Is your son in 9th grade? I worked in middle school, and 9th grade is so young for high school! I don't remember specifics, but do know that I was an organized girl. Boys are different! Locker combinations are the worst - they forget them over Christmas break and over Spring Break. They're all lined up at the office counter panicking.

I hope he has a great day. You have one! Is it a beautiful fall day like it is out here? Great picture!!

great2beme said...

High School, I don't remember my first day of 9th grade other then what I wore, it was after a move and tenth grade that all the impressions were made. It gets better as the days go by, but fears of being embarrassed go on. I am sure you were very encouraging and I hope he did great!

MugwumpMom said...

Nope...my nightmare was showing up to school in pj's...and now, I often see girls wearing their pj's at my son's highschool...what's up with that?
Loved the post. How true. My son started his final year today..grade 12. Wow, I can't believe it's here already. I remember bundling him up in his winters, for kindergarten like it was yesterday. Ok, now I'm getting sentimental and gushy...

Spookie the Warrior said...

My eldest starts high School next year and my baby goes to 1st grade! It's going to be a special year!