Sunday, June 04, 2006

Seven days of blogging

Well, that's the goal anyway over at She Lives. While I earned a Silver Medal in the Blog Olympics, I may fall short of the full seven days; but She Lives invited us to participate for how many ever days we like--so I am!

I have been wanting to share with you about how I met my dear blogging friend Beneath the Ivy Wreath, for some time now--so today, as I blog about how I began blogging, I find the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Last November, a dear, life long friend of ours was visiting his Orlando winter home with his family over Thanksgiving break. Suddenly and without warning, he was taken to the emergency room with a horrible headache. Upon learning that he had a brain bleed, the Dr's airlifted him to Tampa General Hospital where he was scheduled to have emergency surgery--if he survived the trip. His wife phoned a few friends at home (Minneapolis) and we began praying. A blog was started to inform friends and family around the country of Gordy's progress. Several times each day I went to Gordy's update and read the most current information on our beloved friend as well as the comments from others who were loving and praying for him from a distance.

On November 29th, I came across a comment from chgreen (Cindy). She left a very sweet comment that touched my heart. Here was a stranger, unknown to our friend, Gordy, who said she would pray for him. Now, before Gordy's medical emergency, I had only heard of 'blogs.' Not being computer literate, I imagined that blog-surfing was for more technically gifted people than I. But after reading her comment, for some reason, I was drawn to step out of my comfort zone and I clicked on her name which directed me to her blog. After reading her postings, I felt a connection with another Christian woman who lived in Paris, Tennessee! I e-mailed her, telling her a little about our friends--who she was praying for, sharing with her my thanks and surprise for how God was working through the net!

Soon, my daily blog surfing included not only the updates on Gordy, but a visit to her blog. From there, my jouney expanded and by February 2006, I was motivated, inspired, encouraged, and begin a blog! After all, if God was using the net to bring prayer warriors together for Gordy, maybe, just maybe, He would use my blog to bring hurting parents together as we pray for our prodigals. This was my small goal--I have since learned, God always has bigger plans than we can ever imagine!

During the last few months, I have been blessed by getting to know many other people I would have never met without blogging. My heart has been encouraged as pray warriors have come together to pray for not only my son, but the children of others. My faith has been strengthened as I pray with other mother's for our returning prodigals. We will have that banquet!

Blogging has provided an opportunity to hear from former prodigals and to receive their words of encouragement--they say, "Keep praying, keep the family prayed for me...and I came home." These are life-sustaining words!

So it seems that blogging sustains, strengthens, inspires, and keeps me company! Perhaps this week for my Thursday's Thirteen I will list 13 reasons why I know I'm addicted to blogging! It has been life changing. While I sit alone in my den and type on blogger--I feel a connection to each of you that God has brought into my life. CHGreen touched my heart that day--God healed Gordy and he is completely recovered and back at life! We just went to his son's wedding on Friday night and while we were celebrating I thanked God for CHGreen and her prayers! I wish you could have been there Cindy, joining JL, Gordy, family and friends, as we celebrated his son's wedding! You would have smiled--I was as I remembered how Gordy's healing and this whole blogging thing are connected! Not a believer yet? Just go to MOMRN2 for more evidence!

As Cindy commented that day back in November, "You are not alone. We uplift you with our prayers." No words could be truer--even though we may feel alone in our sorrow, when we know the Father, we are never alone. She Lives starts this week of blogging about blogging--with God Reads our Blogs. I discovered while stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping into the blog-zone that I have stepped directly into a God-inspired-zone where God uses blogs to heal, encourage, support and love us! What a great place to be! Thanks for meeting me here!


MugwumpMom said...

Being new to blogland, it amazes me how quickly connections are made with just a few encouraging words. God is certainly using your blog to encourage and inspire me.

Morning Glory said...

I, too, have been very touched by the connections that have happened in our blog world. I try to explain it to my husband and he just nods and looks puzzled and says "I'm glad you enjoy it". It's truly a phenomenon and I like it a lot. Who says only bad comes from internet connections??!

theresa said...

I so agree with you. I have been moved by MomRN2 story and many others that God is working among us. I think my hubby is starting to see how important blogging is for me because today he asked, "so what's going on in the blogging world today?" I laughed and went on to update him on DD. Thanks for sharing your story.

C. H. Green said...

I stopped by to see your A-Z post (where is it, by the way LOL). I cannot help but cry as I read back through this post. Without a doubt, those were some of the hardest days of my life. But I made it throught them, and things are starting to improve. I have gained so much from this experience, and I hope to meet you someday dear friend, as well as our friend Gordy and his family. Please send them my best wishes. I feel as if I know them. And tell JL that I'm waiting to hear that he's finished his book!

Mike Goodwin said...

I read Cindy's blog quite often. I can't remember how I came across it, but I enjoy her writing very much. I read quite a few blogs, but when I need some inspiration in life, which is quite often, I visit sites like yours and Cindy's. Your faith amazes me. I am Catholic, though I can't say I practice it because I don't attend church on a regular basis. Something I plan on changing, not only for me, but for my son's sake, even though our faith is still strong.

Heather Smith said...

Beautiful post. I guess we all have our own reasons for blogging, but yours is one of the most inspirational ones I've heard. Keep up your prayers. God hears, and He will never leave you!

Emily said...

I feel much the same way! Although I struggle with amount of time I dedicate everyday to blogs. But it is so comforting to have such a pool of fantastic Christian friends at my fingertips -- for me to pray for others and to find others praying for us (without even asking). I hope it also helps me be a better person to the people I meet face to face everyday, too!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Thank you for sharing your story. What an encouragement you are to pray for our children.