Thursday, May 04, 2006

National Day of Prayer

While you are in your prayer closet today--please join me as we pray on this National Day of Prayer. Pray for our President, pray for our leaders, pray for our troops and their families. Pray for our Country--for it's heart, for it's spirit. Let's storm heaven today with praise and petition; thankfulness for the great blessings of America and a hope that America will continue to stand strong in our faith. May He forgive us our failings and guide us with His abundant grace....into tomorrow.

Oh, Heavenly Father, You have made Yourself known to us
as a nation by Your mighty works throughout our history.
From the beginning, You have been with us
through many wars and conflicts; your right arm has saved us.
We have been amazingly and graciously blessed.
Today, we confess our sin of not responding to
Your right to rule in our lives and our nation.
Too often we have despised and rejected Your will
while imposing our own, and we are now facing the
consequences of our disobedience.
Draw us back to Yourself, that we may return to Your ways
once again. Without You we can do nothing.
You have promised that if we honor You,
You will once again honor this great nation.
That is our fervent prayer.
For Your honor and glory we pray. Amen.
God Bless America!

*Prayer by Dr. Henry Blackaby


Heather Smith said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by my site today! I believe that the prayers of fervent believers, both on this National Day of Prayer and everyday, is the only hope for our nation. Love that prayer!

Emily said...

Thank you much, very much, for posting this.

Diane said...

And I say, AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

I say amen too!! Very good post!

Karen said...

Isn't it exciting to think that God uses our joint prayers to enable His will in this world...even when we've never met each other! Thank you for your prayer and your witness.

Love in Him...

kpjara said...

and thank GOD that He has placed us here where we are truly FREE to worship and praise Him.

Thanks for this reminder and for being such a beacon of salt and light!

theresa said...

Thank you for this reminder as I turn in tonight...

Kristen said...

Well, I'm a day late reading this, but I suppose I can still pray even though it's not officially the day of prayer anymore, huh?

Jade said...

I wish I'd known earlier. Ah, well, I can still pray :-) Thanks for a great post! That was informative and uplifting. :-)

Your Sister in Christ,


Charles said...

Great post and blog. Peace be with you...

great2beme said...

Thanks for the reminder of that wonderfully made day. When I was in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) all those years ago we had a speaker that was one of the core people in Oklahoma in this activity anyway she changed my life and I can't believe I almost forgot. Plsu, your prayer said it all. Thanks for the blessing

Lisa said...

Hi Diane,
You are truly inspiring-what would we do without you??

Thank you!

jenn said...

God bless the whole world! May peace and joy rest on all the nations.

Anonymous said...

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