Saturday, March 19, 2011

Find Freedom from Toxic Guilt

March 29 - 7:00 p.m. CT

What's Guilt Got To Do With It?

Do you love someone whose life is out of control? Do you keep feeling it must be "your fault?" Do you second guess everything you have done or decision you have made as you react to your prodigals' ongoing saga of events? Do you keep feeling you must have not made the "right choice" when handling a troubling situation? Does your head say one thing, but your heart another?

Register today to participate in this interactive discussion about a major struggle in the lives of so many people who love a prodigal who continues to make destructive choices. Discover the critical difference between toxic and healthy guilt, helping and enabling, and how you can stop feeling guilty for everything and about everyone!

If you or someone you know is tied up in knots because of the never-ending drama and chaos in your prodigal's life, this webcast will help you find freedom from toxic guilt.

Register for this webcast, WHAT'S GUILT GOT TO DO WITH IT? before 3/22/11 to receive a 10% discount. Discount Code: ProdigalHope.

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Lucy Ann Moll said...

This is gonna be great, Diane!