Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you know a parent whose adult child is breaking their heart?

Are you the parent?

Please accept this gift of our SANITY e-booklet, "What Exactly is SANITY?" If you know a parent whose adult child's life is out-of-control--If you are that parent---there is hope! SANITY is possible!

"What Exactly is SANITY?"


kas said...

I am the mom of 8 children ages 22, 18, 14, 10, 8, 5, 3, 16months. I am also the owner of a utterly shattered heart. My daugther age 22 for the past year has been pulling away from us to the point that she has demanded that I stop contacting her. She married without our knowledge yet told people we refused to come. She is very angry with me and I don't know exactly why. I know one thing I did. That one thing I did led to her and her boyfriend being stripped of all their ministry duties, their pastors refused to marry them unless they repented which they did not. They ended up leaving that church because most people knew what they were doing. I did not spread anything, I went to her with what I knew. Once their double life was exposed, they had to tell the youth minister who was devastated that they lied to him for so long. So that is the one thing that I did. I brought it to her attention what I knew about them. Since then, they have both loathed me and taken it out on the whole family. The other children haven't seen her in 9 months. She has completely and utterly cut all of us out of her life.

kas said...

I know that she has lied to many people about us and told fanciful stories. I assume she has told many to her husband who thinks he is protecting his wife from horrendous people. I think that they are just so angry that their double life was exposed and I think her guilt is so severe that she has turned it into anger at me. I can't seem to get past this. I know I made lots of mistakes parenting but I wasn't a "Mommie Dearest". Satan continues to accuse me and pin all the blame on me.

Diane @ Partners in Prayer for Our Prodigals said...

Dear Kas,

You are not alone! I work with hundreds of families who are experiencing desperate pain as they love an adult child who is out-of-control.

I hope you will download the free e-booklet and take a peek at the resources at the end of the e-booklet.

There is hope! There is a way out! SANITY is possible!