Friday, September 11, 2009

God Cares....about Prodigals! Part 3

Key Bible Text

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

God Cares About … Prodigals (Part 3)

"Your overwhelming desire to see your prodigal come home may be one of your greatest [spiritual] stumbling blocks."

- Praying Your Prodigal Home, Burr

A Very Personal Story… (a glimpse of my life)

When you love a prodigal, you have a laser-beam focus on the pain of his/her journey. Soon, your prodigal's experience becomes what Burr calls "a mountain in your life." After a decade of standing in the gap for my son, I realized that my emotional well-being and faith was suffering; as Burr suggests, I kept "crashing into that mountain until I [could finally come to the point] where I truly released him to God."

When life was going well, I believed I was a pretty good mom! Isn't it interesting that when things are under control, we succumb to the allusion that we are the controller. After years of trying to control my son's return home, one night, exhausted from the battle, I cried out to God...."Do something!" With a gentle, soothing, whisper, God replied, "Diane, I have been here waiting to do something, you must first take your hands so tightly off him so I can begin my work in him. Trust your son to Me."

Pray: When you pray, do not pray horizontally concerning the circumstances of life, look up
to the One who longs for all to know Him.

Serve: Do not isolate in the pain of your prodigal's journey. Keep bearing fruit.

Give: ....the battle to Jesus. Stop chasing your prodigal; the father in the Parable of the
Lost Son did not go after his son, he stayed while watching for his return.

Challenge: As you endure the long wait for your prodigal's return, your faith may seem small.
Remember, it is because of Jesus that we can say to that mountain, "Be moved!"


Prodigal said...

Ogly mogly this is powerful stuff. As a prodigal of 27 years now returned I can say that your advice matches what my mom did.

There are three very important things I want moms to know:

1. God pieced together all of my bad choices into an array of help I can offer others. I have instant credibility with others who are hurting or making bad choices and hurting others. I don't just have this ministry, I have real power to change lives in dependence on the Spirit.

2. My mom and I are much closer than we have ever been. The last time I saw her we shared and "went Berean" for twelve consecutive hours as we searched for what God wanted us to do! This is a mom's hope, that the relationship would be restored and would be even better (by leaps and bounds).

3. In my absence and partly due to my prodigal run, God developed my mom into a spiritual giant! Don't you want your prodigal to view you this way?

I advise you to wait ... but no one said when you see your prodigal in the distance that you can't sprint faster than you've ever run. Your prodigal may return, idolize you and be empowered to change lives.


Karen said...

Amen...I crashed into that mountain many times before my eyes were opened...and still need to be reminded about total release and trust....

Dawn said...

I am trusting that Kev will be able to help so many others - he is growing daily in his second round at TC. I don't understand, never will understand, why he had to return, but he is doing so well. I am so glad we found each other at the time we needed to so badly.

ThousandPraises said...

Wonderful. I just spent the better part of the morning praying for a dear friend whose son has gone astray. We talked about the prodigal heart, yet while she is in much pain, she truly trusts and prays for him. I'm forwarding her your post. She will be encouraged by it. Thank you for sharing your heart.

donna said...

I'm still crashing into mountains; am going to share this with a friend tonight. Bless you.