Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things I learned while tackling a Sinus Headache


After spending a magical weekend in Disney World with my adult daughter, my sister and her two little granddaughters, I boarded the airplane yesterday morning wondering if flying with a Sinus Headache was a good idea.

As the plane took off and with plenty of Kleenex in hand, I learned a simple lesson: Never, NEVER, NEVER fly with a Sinus Headache!

The pressure change engaged every nerve ending in every syntax of my brain. I felt as though I was about to implode. A 3 1/2 hour flight turned into 12,600 seconds of raw pain.

Where does a person go when they just want to die. Please, somebody, do me a huge favor and shoot me!

If I thought the pain was unmanageable when we took off, it was confirmed as we began to land. The descent brought me to a new level of despair. The wait to get to the gate was unbearable. With quiet determination, I made a deal with my Maker--if He would just get me off the plane...I would never, Never, NEVER fly again with a Sinus Headache!

Who knew!?!?

There oughta be a warning: there are warnings all over Disney: Do not enter this ride if you have a bad back, are pregnant or a nursing mother! Ya think a little heads up about flying with a Sinus Headache would be in order!

WARNING: If you decide to fly with a Sinus Headache, you will likely experience the sensation of someone sticking a thousand needles in your face while shoving an ice pick in your ear!

A Facebook friend who is a former flight attendant has advised: "hopefully you won't have to go through that again. But if you do, take along several wash cloths and ask for the flight attendant for hot water. Apply a hot wash cloth to your face as often as possible, especially during take off and landing. And don't worry about what other people will think. You're not going to see them again anyway... Put them in your ears if you can. A popular method used to be to put a hot papertowel inside of a styrofoam cup and hold it over your ear during take off and landing. And chew gum and swallow. If with a baby, have them drink from a bottle, or nurse, during take off and landing, regardless of if they are sick or not as babies have a hard time regulating air pressure in their ears and it can cause an earache."

Thanks Deb!

I barely remember picking up our luggage, the ride home, or taking 100 mg. of imitrex and 800 mg. ibuprofen. I barely remember laying down on my oh-so-comfortable bed. I will ALWAYS remember to avoid flying (or scuba diving--thanks to another Facebook friend) with a Sinus Headache.

And should I need to: I will remember to ask for some help! For crying out loud! Why DIDN"T that occur to me! Of course, flight attendants would know what to do!!!!! Tough it out, smough it out! Ask for help!

Today, the pain is gone, but my body feels as though it's been through a war. My head is heavy and it is hard to think through the fog! I guess it's gonna take a day or two for the synapse's to refire.

Have a great TT!


karenp said...


I woke up this morning with a headache...maybe I found the one you lost...UGH!

No flying today for me...thankfully! I did try the salt thing you shared from your trip to CO. It has helped.

I'm thinking a warning sign at the airport might be in order too!

Dawn said...

That sounds brutal! Kinda took the fun out of the trip, eh?? I hope the memories of DW are coming back!

Red Bridges Home said...

Wow Diane, that just sounds aweful! Thank you for the warning. I hope you are feeling better now. Loved the Disney pics, they are too precious.


Valerie said...

Yes, a horrible lesson to learn. My husband also advised to NOT fly when you have a cold.

It looks like you had a wonderful time at Disney AND at your conference. You get around, lady!

I'm glad you're feeling better.