Friday, February 13, 2009


(published 2/11/09)

Read Mark 4:35-41

Peace During Battle

At Woodridge, our current teaching series, The Jesus Chronicles, has brought Jesus to life, for me, in a very real way.

In today’s passage, our verse begins at the end of, yet, another very busy day for Jesus. His human body must have been exhausted as he left the crowds, for we find him, next, asleep in the stern of a boat on a cushion when “there arose a great storm of wind.” A wind so strong and so sudden, that it nearly capsized the boat that held the disciples and Jesus as they crossed the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus’ public ministry was growing in great numbers and power; Satan must have believed that a preemptive attack was necessary. We learn in Mark 5 of the reason that Jesus was crossing “over to the other side;” he would cast demons out of the demoniac of Gerasenes who was known and feared throughout the countryside.

Here was Jesus crossing the Sea of Galilee to do one of the greatest miracles of his ministry. Is it any wonder the enemy would engage in spiritual warfare?

“And there arose” is a phrase taken from the Greek word ginomai which means something that happens unexpectedly or taken by surprise. Jesus and his disciples did not expect the storm that night; ginomai emphatically means that this storm took them completely by surprise.

And yet, when the disciples responded to this wind (lalaipsi: turbulent or terribly violent wind) with terror and confusion, Jesus responded with authority and “rebuked the wind.” The spiritual battle ceased, the wind “died down and [the sea] was completely calm.” Peace.

When Jesus “rebuked the wind,” He took authority over Satan’s dominion demonstrating to the disciples that He was, in fact, LORD of all! Peace.

What the enemy meant for harm, Jesus used for His good. The enemy would not stop the Kingdom work. Peace.


Are you on the brink of a Kingdom breakthrough today? Peace.

Are the winds of a spiritual battle pressing with the weight of a tempest storm? Peace.

Do you see the storm as an opportunity to demonstrate the power of God in your life? Peace.

Rise up, take authority over that wind, and demonstrate who you are in Jesus Christ. Peace.

I'm taking my PEACE up north for the weekend! What are you doing this weekend?



Dawn said...

Celebrating Kev's 32nd birthday this evening at Macaroni Grill. His choice. It always supercedes Valentine celebrations - I guess we'll skip the V party at church. Not much else planned.

Please pray for Kev to get a job soon!

Valerie said...

Have fun up north! We're going to be washing puppies and steam cleaning the carpets. Pretty romantic. But, our Valentine's Day celebration has been postponed for a couple of weeks - we are going the Celtic Woman's concert on the 27th in Columbus!

ktwalden said...

There is nothing like that wonderful peace that only He can bring...

Dawn said...

Happy Valentine's Day from LOVEland!

karenp said...

Doing this weekend...catching up on work from a very busy and GOOD week! Working on Sunday for about 5-6 hours auditioning 1st-6th graders for a church musical to be presented in April. No rest for the weary.