Tuesday, August 26, 2008


     Tackle It Tuesday       

What do you do when you are visiting Orlando and first experience Tropical Storm Fay and are awaiting the onset of Hurricane Gusto?????  You go to ANIMAL KINGDOM!   It was hot!  It was humid!  It was perfect!  

It began with some nudging......."Good Morning!  It's time to get up!" 

A little like trying to wake up a bear mid winter hybernation!  With just a little grumbling....we were off!  

Our footing was a little 
tenuous, but the sun was shining (finally) and the scenery was stimulating! 

We saw lions........

It was hot....so hot!  And the hippos 
had the best seat in the house! 

My son begins his Junior year of high school in just a few days and I enjoyed every last (humid) moment of our time together at Animal Kingdom.  In fact, it must be said, I am blessed to be his mom!  No matter how tall, no matter how old--each memory spent with him is forever carved on my heart.  


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Amanda said...

very beautiful...

many blessings-

Deborah said...

Great photos, and great memories! have a nice day!

Amydeanne said...

awwwww i love it! especially the lion!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Diane, just FYI: that first comment is spam if you want to delete it when you get time.

Love the pictures, all of them!

TS Fay got close enough to us that I took pics of the clouds moving in, but then it moved back East, praise the Lord! Now as you say, Gustav is getting closer all the time and looks to be much more powerful and dangerous than Fay ever was.

Hope y'all have time to enjoy more of the sights in FL. before you have to come home, and be careful of the weather!

Love and hugs,


C. H. Green said...

I'm glad you had such an enjoyable time. It made me smile. Miss you. One of these days I'm going to get back into a routine, I promise!

Pam said...

i just came from the tackle it tuesday link. I am praying for a prodigal, now-ex-husband. I am planning to visit your site again. Thanks for this. I also have a junior in hs son. nice to meet you.

Dawn said...

Wow - it even looks hot and humid! But what a great way to end the summer and send your son off to school. Good to hear from you again!

BarbaraLee said...

Hi neighbor.
What a great way to start a new school year.