Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Reflection on this Mother's Day

Could I have known from the very start, 
How lost I could be in my child's heart? 
The joy I would feel at the sound of her breathing~
That with her first life had new meaning. 

How could I have known how much she would change me? 
Becoming the woman I n'er dreamed I could be. 
How deep the commitment to walk side by side, 
And protect at all costs, my love would provide.  

How can it be that my heart would expand? 
To make enough room for such a young man? 
Each child's unique and God's gift--times two...
Family! Such blessings, I had not a clue. 

           Still moment by moment I learned to trust, 
           No matter my history, old pain turned to dust. 
           For God had provided a healing path, 
           Revealing His love; a love that will last. 

I couldn't have known how complete I would feel, 
How full was my heart, to love with such zeal,
No holding back was my new found creed, 
Could it get any better?  Yes! Then there were three! 

How much we have grown since that first Mother's Day, 
God brought us together, there's no other way. 
My heart knows for certain, you were sent from above, 
To bless this mother's heart with an enduring love!


Dawn said...

Perfect! That is a great pictorial trip through your motherhood - you looked great in that hospital bed with Sam!

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week. Are you finally finished with finals? Love that sentence!

Diane J. said...

Love Dawn's "F" alliteration, LOL! ;o)

Hope you've had a blessed and memorable Mother's Day, Diane.

Love and hugs,


Barb said...

Beautiful, Diane. Simply beautiful. Happy Mother's Day.

Sharon Lynne said...

Such an uplifting poem. It reminds us that mother's day should be a thankful time. God gave us our families!

I concur with Dawn. You look too good to have just had a baby!

Dee said...

How beautiful was that!!!