Friday, April 25, 2008

Breaking News: 

Don't you just love how every news broadcast uses the phrase, "Breaking News" for the littlest bulletins?  It's an eye catcher for sure. 

Today, I use these words to provide the great emphasis they mean:  Breaking News, you need to know, don't miss this! 

I first "met" Allison Bottke when I began blogging nearly three years ago.  Her website, God Allows U-Turns caught my attention and I began to visit it with regularity.  Soon, I discovered that this Minnesota (transplanted to Dallas) author has written more than 20 books, is a national inspirational speaker, and is the founder of the blog, "Boomer Babes Rock! ;" it's a good thing I didn't know how accomplished she is--I wouldn't have been so brave in my emails suggesting that we should be friends!

And yet, this woman of God wasn't pretentious at all!  That shouldn't be a surprise, for Jesus is at the core of this Christian woman's heart! God is so amazing in his ability to bring together his family.....for such a time as this.  

Our shared histories of loving an adult child who is wandering kept the cyber space communications alive.  Soon, I learned that Allison was writing a book, a much needed book, a long overdue resource for Christian parents around the world, "Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children."  

On Sunday, I will post an interview with Allison as I am taking part in the SBWYAC blog tour.  For other websites that are participating, including our own dear friend, Dawn, just click here 
and be blessed! 

I pray that if you are a parent of a prodigal that you will run, don't walk, to your nearest book store and get this book.  If you are not, run, don't walk, to your nearest book store and buy several books as the statistics prove--you know and love someone who is struggling with this issue.  

If you have never heard of Allison, please visit her websites to get to know her a little better.  Then return on Sunday, please, and hear, in her own words, how God has used her pain for His glory!  Allison's only son is currently in jail, awaiting transfer later this month to prison after being receiving a judicial sentence of more than 40 months.  

Allison has lived our pain....and more.  And what an example she is!  With the release of her new book, the media tours, the blog tours, the speaking engagements, simultaneously, she is praying for her only son who will be going to prison.  

Please, please, please visit her SANITY blog and discover what principles she has learned and is sharing with other parents in pain--how to practice "SANITY in a world that is spinning out of control." 


Allison Bottke said...

Diane, it is YOU who is a precious sister! What a thoughtful posting. I am so looking forward to visiting your blog on Sunday as part of my international blog tour. I thank God every day for folks like you. I thank Him, too, for the parents and grandparants I am able to meet as a result of doors He continues to open for me to share this message of hope and healing. Bless you, Diane, for your support, encouragement, and prayers. You are an amazing daughter of a King! See you on Sunday!

groovyoldlady said...

I'm too tired to run because I've been gardening all day, but I'll definitely stroll over to the bookstore and see if they have a copy. The Lord knows it wouldn't hurt for us to read it and we have too maany friends on the same painful pathway.

Dawn said...

As several of us have said, we wish we'd had this book years ago. I would love to meet her someday. How sad that her only son will be in prison, but the Lord can work with him there as well!

Nadine said...

She is a good speaker. I heard her speak at a writer's conference last year. I'm sure the Lord will continue to use her to bless and encourage many women.