Sunday, March 30, 2008

You can tell it's almost Spring when:  

You get to take your horse outside for a little grazing.  Yup--there's some grass underneath all of that melting snow. And how Rauoul loves it.             

 In fact, the crisp Spring wind(storm) didn't faze him one bit.

He just kept strolling and grazing.

It was a sight to be seen. 

And enjoyed.

Ah Spring.

Even Dad got in on the fun.
"Raoul....on three...o.k.?"        1............2........                     ........3              

   "That's my Dad" 


C. H. Green said...

I love, love LOVE your horse pics. thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

What goregous pictures! YOu are so blessed to have a horse! It looks so pretty!

:0) Sharon

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Diane,
I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Raoul. Dad looks mighty happy having fun with Raoul as well. LOL. I hope you have gotten over your Kidney Stones by now. I had a Kidney Stone when I was pregnant back in 1998 with our youngest daughter. You talk about pain, I was in some bad pain. I had to be admitted to the hospital because I was pregnant. It was the Saturday before Mother's Day in May of 1998. I finally passed it in the wee hours of the morning and was released from the hospital later in the day. I never want to wish that kind of pain or misery on anyone. Back in the early 90's, I had gall bladder attacks. I finally had to have my gall bladder removed then. When you gave me that Award here while back, I was trying to get here on your blog to get it, but everytime I came here, my computer would freeze up. I never did get it tho. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours. By the way, I do have one of those power surge protectors hooked up to my computer, but I just still like to shut it off when it's doing some bad lightening like it was this morning.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Diane J. said...

There's a little more grass here, but not much. Give it a few more weeks though and Raoul would have a grand time grazing our pastures around here!

Shhhhhhh......don't say it too loud, but Spring IS coming..... ;o)

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

He survived his first Minnesota winter!! It's amazing that you can now see a bit of grass. Good!!