Friday, February 08, 2008

So I'm sitting in my homework place....

(yes, I said homework place! For every good student must go to the same place, it must be quiet and free of distractions!)

As I was saying, I was sitting in my homework place (which is on my bed, pillows propped to support my back, laptop on my lap) and I was struggling to write yet another literary analysis of Faulkner. As I paused the rat-a-tat-tat of my keyboard to think, I looked out the window directly in front of me and what did I see? A distraction--in fact--two distractions! We have woods that surround our house and we frequently see deer walking through; but with a double-take (or two)--I ran to get my camera so I could share this fun with you. (Am I addicted or what..."Darn, where is that camera; I've got to get a shot of this to show my blogging friends!")

By the time I removed the laptop from my laptop from my lap and moved that books that surrounded my little center of thought and found my camera, they had moved from the most perfect shot (of course) and I was only able to chase them from window to window as they passed by.

Can you see this darling duo? Not two deer, but two St. Bernards! St.Bernards! For crying out loud in the night already--I know we get a lot of snow each winter in Minnesota, but this isn't Switzerland! I wonder what they're rescuing? More likely, they're looking for a snack, so I have secured my little dogs nearby me on my bed--I mean--my homework place!


Kelly @ Love Well said...

It's a good thing you pointed out that those are dogs in your picture. If I had seen that casually, I would have totally thought they were deer.

In their defense -- it has been cold out lately.

Kathleen Marie said...

That would have been a huge surprise to me too! Looks like we have about the same weather situation. Cold! Have a great day!

Diane J. said...

Did they have the whiskey casks on their collars? ;o)

Freezing rain here instead of snow....Drat it!

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

I'm sure glad you looked up from your homework! And that you told us what it was - wish I could see them closetr up.

Have you seen the picture I took just for you - the post before the latest one??

Sharon Lynne said...

Yes, it's dangerous to study by a window! And that window looked peaceful and safe. But you never know what you'll see!

It looks quite cold out your way. We are having a sudden warm spell. It's been 80 degrees for about 5 days, and my daffodils popped up! I don't have pictures yet...

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
"THANK YOU" so much for the compliments on my blog. I really do love it. Wow, that is alot of Snow you have there. I thought those were deer at first and had to go back and look twice. LOL. It hasn't been too terribly cold here but I have been watching The Weather Channel alot tho. My DH and his uncle comes up your way every week. The go to White Bear Lake and then sometimes to Lake City. I have to keep up with the weather so I can let them know the weather conditions up that way. They say we are suppose to get some freezing rain sometime on Wednesday. We will see tho. Everytime they start talking some Winter precipitation, it always goes around us. Girl, I have no idea how to make awards. LOL. I've just had all of my Awards given to me. Now Diane J. may know how to make them or even Pea or Mary. I know they would be more than glad to teach you how. Take care my friend and have a great day. It was good to hear from you. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.