Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have just returned home from a 3 day business trip to Mexico City. As we neared our destination, I was stunned by the size of this capital city. With a population of up to 23 million inhabitants, it can be said it has "mucha gente!"

We had a "maravillosa visita" (wonderful visit) and I was able to put to test my four years of high school Spanish--which, as I soon discovered, was "absoluta menta sin valar" (absolutely worthless!). Seems I can read Spanish better than I can speak or understand it! Furthermore, I discovered that in all the years of high school Spanish--I had never learned the Spanish word for wine! Imagine that! As I tried to order a glass of red wine--try as I might, with a roll of the tongue....."Por Favor, rojo.............r--r---r----rrrrrrrr-ojo..........", I could not communicate my desire. Of course, now that I am home, I have remembered "vino!" So, while there, I drank alot of bottled water, "agua (thank you Sesame Street!), no gas!"
While my marido (husband) attended the daily conference, I saw some pretty fabulous things! Spending most days on a tour bus, we saw the massive Mexican Cathedral.....

the stunning National Palace, filled with amazing frescoes painted on the walls found within each arch way telling stories of Mexican history ......

and spent an hour refining my bargaining skills at a Mexican Artisan Village.

We spent an afternoon walking through the excavated ruins of Temple Mayor. Taken back in time, centuries earlier, where human sacrifices were the norm as people worshipped and pacified over 2600 gods, I was filled with gratitude that I was not born in this place at that time! In fact, I'm not sure I would have survived the elements...I so appreciate air conditioning--and civil liberties!
I mean seriously, if I had to climb (or most likely be dragged kicking and screaming) to the top of the temple ....I would be scared to death before anyone had the chance to sacrifice me! These pyramids were not good for anyone who is afraid of heights...no less fear of death!
Mañana, I will post the 1200 n*aked men saga! Truly, 1200 n*ked men greeted our tour bus!
I wouldn't tease about a thing like that! Leprechauns....maybe...but never--never--about 1200 n*ked men! ;)
Asta la vista!


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Diane,
"WELCOME BACK". I had no idea that you were gone. I have been to Mexico a couple of times when I was younger and my grandparents live in California. We just went across the border into Mexico. I still have a vest (don't know the Mexican name for it) that came from there. When my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, they had a Mexican meal in their class one day. She got to wear the vest that day to school. It was really neat. I'm not good at all in Spanish. They didn't have that Spanish class when I was going to school. I can count to five in spanish and say a few words. But, I've learned them from my girls. LOL. Maybe I didn't need school back then afterall. LOL. Everything my girls has these days in Elementary school, we didn't have until we got up in Junior High. And most of it is way out of my league anyway. I'm just a poor ole town girl. LOL. Well take care my friend and I'm glad your back. Have a great Tuesday. Oh, I do like Mexican food. I just don't like mine hot. LOL. God Bless You.

Karen H.

P.S. Now, I can't wait to see the naked men. LOL.

Nadine said...

What a fun post to read. I smiled the whole time. I'm glad you had fun. Lovely pics.

groovyoldlady said...

Muy Bueno, Taco. Como Esta, Enchilada?

Por Favor, Los Tostados.

I'd have no problem there at all...


Dawn said...

Can't wait!

Dawn said...

Re your comments on my "name" post yesterday - I call you the "Minnesota Diane" and her the "Arkansas Diane" - both places I've lived, ironically!

As usual, love your take on things.

Heather Smith said...

Hey Diane! Sounds like a very interesting trip. I flew through Mexico City one time this summer. Huge is not even the word for the place. Anyway, hope things are going good for you!

C. H. Green said...

Seriously, 1200 naked men is no laughing matter. LOLOLOLOL

Sharon Lynne said...

About the word for "wine". When I took French in college, that was the first word we learned.

You know how those French people feel about their wine!

Sounds like a fascinating trip. Can't wait to hear more!