Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dear Son,

Thank you for calling last night. I enjoyed hearing from you and felt completely blessed by the conversation that we had.

You might be wondering what was so special about our conversation--it was just a normal conversation between a son and his mom. Well, let me just emphasize the word normal-it was a conversation about your day, how you were feeling and what you had done throughout the day. Gone was the urgency of looking for money or talking of ways to avoid a crisis. There was no drama in our conversation, I felt no fear. It was just a phone call between two people who were simply "catching up."

I can't tell you how long it has been since we had such a conversation. I am so thankful for the peace that I felt as I was listening to you son. So many circumstances have been weighing heavily on our relationship for such a long time. I look forward to so many more conversations--just like ours last the future.

I am so proud of your strength and your courage. I am so proud of your resolution to stay at New Seasons because I know how much you did not want to do it. I know it is hard being there....particularly on this day, your 25th birthday. I feel sad that we won't be together for your birthday, son. But I am going to practice a little Cognitive Behavorial Therapy myself--and instead of letting that sadness take over, I am going to adjust any possibility of distorted thinking. Instead of focusing on my sadness, I am going to tell you just how glad I feel!

I am glad:

--that you are in a safe environment with people who will help you.
--that you are moving through a program that has proven to help so
many others get better.
--that you have given yourself this time to learn, to grow and to heal.
--that you are our son, so loving, so handsome, so smart and so
courageous! You are such a gift to our family and we are so happy
that you have taken this opportunity to find out about yourself. To
find out about your brain, your "heart" and your dreams. Your
goals will be reached, son...we know you can do it!

This Cognitive Behavorial Therapy works! I already feel so much better! I pray that you will discover the same thing throughout the coming days. What a gift--what a great birthday gift that will truly be!

Happy Birthday son! We love you! Your mom and your dad

P.S. I owe you a spaghetti dinner :)


Diane J. said...

Oh, praise the Lord! As I read the post before this, and now this post, the longer I read, the more excited I became! What a wonderful and timely answer to prayer, Diane. God is on time, all the time, and praise His name for it!

I can feel the hope you have for your son, that this time, this treatment will restore your son to you whole. What wonderful news and so much to be thankful for this Lord's Day.

Love and hugs,


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a wonderful gift!

Dawn said...

I am in tears once again. I know exactly how you feel!

I can hardly wait until the day that he is ready to read this wonderful letters than you are writing him.

Praise God.

Heather Smith said...

Diane, I am so glad that your son decided to stay. I have been praying for him and for the rest of your family as you face this trial. I also requested prayer at my church for you guys! Satan wants so badly to defeat us all. We just have to know that the One we serve is stronger than anything Satan can throw our way!
Happy birthday to your son btw! I never knew we were the same age (I turned 25 June 25!)

Kathleen Marie said...

What a blessing. I love conversations like that with my three prodigals. Just relaxing, no worries conversations. I pray for them and put their name is my little box...My I am giving you again to God box.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your precious son. I pray that this year will be the beginning of healing and restoration and renewal. I pray there will lots more "normals".
I am so thankful he is there and safe and getting help. Just think of the great birthday celebration you can have when all of this is finally behind you!!
Be blessed dear friend.

Nadine said...

I'm so glad you got to speak to him on his birthday and that it was a good phone call.

Brigitte said...

You are an encouragement to me Diane - your faith and your strength. Thank you.

Lynn said...


This is one of the most profound moments. To have a regual, boring, conversation with your son.

When my son calls, I am grateful for every single boring conversation.

Awesome. God is good!