Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, Monday! good to me....
Monday, Monday, it was all I could hope it could be......

Do you remember this song by the Mama's and the Papa's? I don't remember if it was released in the summer, but I awoke with this song swirling in my head. It is a fabulous summer morning in Minnesota, it is Monday morning......and I am hoping this Monday is "all I could hope it could be!"

This is the week that Grandma Dawn is coming to town! Well, I think it's this week, as I'm feeling a little foggy this Monday morning! After spending two weeks at our lake place, it's nearly impossible to reenter the scope of reality involving calendars and clocks! Nonetheless, I will call Dawn later this a.m. and confirm--she is traveling to Minnesota for a summer reunion with family and school friends, and is making time to meet a new, blogging, friend. I can't wait!!!!

This is the day that I must do some errands, restocking our refrigerator, making duplicate photos from my digital camera and send them to my nieces and nephews who have returned to Dallas, Texas. We did some serious tubing and wake-boarding the last two weeks, and of course, there was the Tanmark horse show--at which my niece, Grace, won the Championship Title in her division! It was so much fun!

There were picnics

There were puppies

And, yes, there were babies!

We had a very good time! So it is with a song in my heart and memories fresh in my mind that I must do a little cleaning! Although our house was vacant for two weeks, the gremlins were busy during our absence and stirred up a few dust-bunnies~! How does that happen?

This is the day that I must turn our laundry, tomorrow morning, my husband will be traveling to Bermuda and onto Washington, DC, returning home late Friday night.

Friday--the day I will meet Dawn! Can't wait!

How's your Monday? Do you have a song in your heart today?


C. H. Green said...

How exciting to get to meet Dawn! Tell her hello for me. I spent the weekend cleaning house. It is so nice to sit back and survey a sparkling home. (At least for 10 minutes until the boys destroy it again.) LOL.

Morning Glory said...

Hi Diane, Welcome home from what sounds like a heavenly vacation.

BTW, Dawn leaves for MN on the 18th. You have a whole other week to get ready!

Diane J. said...

Well, you know I'm jealous that you get to meet Dawn! I guess it is a little out of the way to come to Arkansas on her way to Minnesota, though. :-)

Y'all have a good visit and have fun cleaning and doing laundry. I know I always have such fun doing housework. ;D

Love and hugs,


Diane said...

Morning Glory....

Yes, I just learned this morning...that I am an entire week early with my enthusiasm! UG!!!

It's the 20th....stupid...not the 13th!

Having a little trouble with the whole calendar idea after lake-schedules for two weeks!!!!



Dawn said...

MG happens to know that because she made our travel arrangements! So funny.

It'll go fast!!

Other Diane - I'm sure I'll get to Arkansas someday, with my past history there.

Linda said...

That sounds just wonderful to me. Dawn is very special and I know you're going to have a great visit.
The Lake House vacation looks terrific. How wonderful to have a place where you can just get away from the routine for a while. That's the best part of vacation I think - you just sort of set aside all the responsibilities and relax. It is hard getting back into "real life" again.

Nadine said...

Boy I wished I read your post this morning before going to work. I wished had that song in my head, but alas no. I'm much better now. The pictures look like you had lots of fun.

It's great to meet a blogging pal. I haven't yet, but I think it would be awesome. Don't forget to take pictures to post.

Karen said...

What a great vacation!