Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday's "Tag....You're it!"

Monkey Kisses has tagged me--I'm it!

"Here are the rules as passed on - Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven people to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!"

1) I have 24 children.My husband and I have been foster parents to 21 children over a 12 year period during our marriage. Add that to our 3 birth children--and you have more than a quiver full!

2) I graduated from college--May, 2005. Yes, it's true--with my first attempt at college, I received a MRS--after marrying my college sweetheart! 31 years later, I graduated with honors with a B.S. in Psychology and am currently working towards my Master's Degree.

3) I have been a guest soloist for our State's Republican Convention.

4) I hate, no that's H.A.T.E. housework! I say that with the deepest respect to Barb, winner of Hidden Treasure, 2007 Homemaking Blog Award, who's inspiration is not lost on me! I just can't do it!

5) I am the oldest of five children. Although, my sister who is only three years younger than me--often reminds me that I am older than God himself! Don't 'cha just love little sisters?!!!!

6) My favorite animal is a horse, my favorite color is purple. My favorite beverage......Diet Coke, my favorite food to make.....Spaghetti, because my children insist, it is the best spaghetti ever made--anywhere! Thank God they haven't ever dined at Diane's Place for any of her Sunday dinners!

7) I am addicted--yes, that's A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D to blogging! I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 15 months of blogging and have been richly blessed by getting to know so many wonderful people--yes, that's Y.O.U! :)

I tag:

Tattle Tales

What's Up, Buttercup?

Love Well

Scrambled Dregs

Sit With Me Awhile

The Broken Cup

And to round out some of my newly discovered blogging friends that I met through the April Blogging Party, Monkey Giggles.



Nadine said...

Very interesting. Yes I have been tagged and I thank you for not doing it again.

Your post link about your son was very moving. Thank you for sharing it with me. My son is half way there now and stopped last night. Did I mention he was 21 and the youngest. I'm very proud of him.

Amy said...

Yay for foster parents! We adopted our three children and praise God everyday for our kids' foster mom who taught them all about Christ and kept them in church. We are still very close with her!

Kelly Klepfer said...

well, well, well.

I'll post this soon. Maybe today if it stays quiet.

Thanks, I think. : )

Sharon Lynne said...

I can't play tag right now...but I can say "thanks!" for your encouraging comments when you come to visit my blog.

Great list about yourself! You could probably write an interesting book on parenting after all the experience you've had!

Monkey Giggles said...

Okay...I'll play along. I will try to get me 7 randoms things post up tonight. Thanks for tagging me. This should be fun. My husband and I too were foster parents for about 8 years.

Linda said...

I can only say I am so very impressed. It is such fun getting to know you a bit better. You have done some amazing things. I think perhaps the 24 children impresses me the most. What a wonderful thing to do!!

Clemntine said...

I played along, and my post is up. Thanks for thinking of me.

And, we're considering foster care through Child S.H.A.R.E. It's a big step for Gadget Man, just a tiny little hop for me...

C. H. Green said...

yeah, i got new blogs to look into, whenever I can find the time. Thanks for sharing your list, sis.

Kelly said...

I'm in! The post is going live in just a few seconds.

Thanks for making me focus on my quirkiness, Diane!

Diane J. said...

Thanks for the mention, although lately my Sunday Dinners have leaned towards sandwiches and eating out, LOL! ;D

Emmy's safely here and pics and details are up on my blog.

Thanks for your much appreciated prayers, Diane.

Love and hugs,

Diane J. :-)

Barb said...

Well #1 was a show stopper, Diane. My first thought before I read past the first sentence was boy, I'd like to see HER stretch marks! LOL

Listen. About the housework? Right now I'd be willing to throw in the towel. Instead, I'm washing the towels. I swear, you should see my house. It looks like a bomb went off in it and I'm about good and sick of housecleaning. This cleaning spree is going to have last a while - it's going to take me the rest of the summer to recover.

It's not that I love it. It's just that I have a reputation to maintain. LOL

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I loved your post. I have worked in the court system on behalf of foster children so I know all the love and work you have given over the years on the behalf of others. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your degree.
In his endless love,

Angel ( Angel Mama Pearls of Wisdom)

groovyoldlady said...

You've been foster parents that many times? May God bless the socks right off of you by giving you a permanent housekeeper. You DESERVE to never clean again!