Monday, May 21, 2007

It's a Rat Race!

Spring! How I love Spring! Still, I am so far behind in the things I should be getting done that I feel like I racing to keep up with myself! Ever felt like that?

Today is the day. The day that I will attack, with fear and trepidation, my bedroom closet. Our house is in transition; the den has found itself in our kitchen, Sam's old bedroom will one day be the den. Sam's former bedroom needs to be cleaned out and moved to his new bedroom. And the den downstairs, well, that will one day be the media room. What does my closet have to do with any of this transition? Nothing, really--it just needs to be organized with a greater urgency than the other reorginizations.

I am tempted to take a picture of my stacks of clothes for Tackle it Tuesday, but I fear that the Organization Police would track me down! With the frequent traveling we have been doing, I have taken to sorting my travel clothes and put them in a pile to pack for the next trip. We do not have dressers in our bedroom and our walk-in closet is overflowing with clothes that I have not worn for nearly a decade. It's time!

The sun is shining, there's a cool summer breeze coming through the open windows....and I am going to start loading up the Hefty bags for the Salvation Army/GoodWill Bins....if I do not post in the next couple of days, call for help--I'm lost in the mess!

Why is it so hard to give away clothes? What is the sentimental value to articles collecting dust and taking up space for the piles of clothes that I actually wear?

I consider this post a I better get started.

Have a great Monday!


Clemntine said...

I'm right in there with you. We're doing a major, whole-house clean out.

Because I was raised like a good little Gypsy, moving every year or two, I never got the idea of
Spring Cleaning. We had more of the "We're Not Moving This Junk, Let's Throw It Out Cleaning". Well, the Clems have been at the same address for almost 6 years (a personal record), and it's time to pitch some junk, doggone it!

Let the Hefty Bags be filled!

Penless Thoughts said...

Why is it so hard to give away clothes? What is the sentimental value to articles collecting dust and taking up space for the piles of clothes that I actually wear?

Oh how I fight this same battle. I did take 2 sack full of dresses to the good will bin Saturday but still have a bunch of tops to go through.

Dawn said...

It seems that every time I give away something, I wish I had it back. Maybe that's why. Then there's the roller coaster weight thing - I MIGHT be able to wear it again someday. And if I get rid of the FAT clothes, sure enough I need them again. That's why.

Barb said...

Boy that's a fancy wheel! And yes indeed, I feel like I've been inside one of those for ages. LOL

Good for you - it may be a little painful now but when you're done, it'll all have been worth it, right?

Linda said...

Good for you Linds. I know just how you feel. When my parents moved here, I had to clear out a couple of rooms. It really is hard to part with some things, even when they haven't seen the light of day for years!!
Send out an sos if you get stuck in there!!

Nadine said...

My walk in closet needs a bomb to go off in it so that it can have a fresh start.

I am getting ready to tackle the whole house (one room at a time). I'm with you in spirit cheering you on.

C. H. Green said...

I need some of that motivation you got going there...

groovyoldlady said...

And why do I keep the "skinny" jeans? So they can mock me everytime I'm pawing through the shelves?

"Hey Bloat-Butt! Looks like you're stretching out those s-t-r-e-t-c-h jeans."

Excuse me while I add to the garage sale pile!!!

Linda said...

I tend to be the other way - I'm forever clearing things out, giving them to Good Will, and then wishing I had them back weeks later because I finally decided I could wear them. My poor husband is forever looking for things I've thrown away. Not that I'm a great housekeeper mind you - I just like everything to be clutter-free. Everything in its dusty little place seems to me my motto!!
Be careful in there!!