Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday's Wrap Up
I have so many things that I should be getting done, that I find myself feeling as twisted as this poor little guy to the left! Anyone else get simply paralyzed when the list gets too long? ;)
I started this week off with a bang and cleaned out my bedroom closet. It is so nice to be able to walk into our walk-in closet! 5 days later, it still brings me joy!
We may or may not be going up north this weekend. We love spending long holiday weekends at our lake place, but the weather maps are suggesting it may not get any warmer than 60+ degrees and the forecast includes rain. Hmmmm.....go to the cabin and stay inside because of cold weather or stay home and clean....clean....clean! If I had a full crew here this weekend...we could get a lot done! Starting with our attached garage!
We normally move every 5-6 years which forces a natural cleansing. We have lived in this house since December of 2001 so I guess it can only be expected that I am feeling a bit squeezed by the clutter we have collected over the years. No move in I guess I better honker down and get this done!
Heather continues with her radiation and chemotherapy treatments. It has been such a joy to read her posts (and her Mom's!). I am simply amazed by the creation of our Creator! While Heather cannot speak as fluently as pre-surgery, her ability to communicate by typing continues to bless without missing a beat!
My sister has come out of hiding! Please stop by and visit her today...she has posted pictures of her lovely cabin on Milacs Lake (in Northern Minnesota). She's a crazy girl....with all of the gardening she has been doing--worms and all!
I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Whether at home or away.....may you find yourself refreshed!
And, let's all remember to pray for our soldiers, both serving today and all of our yesterdays--we owe them our gratitude and our prayers every day! While many of us know and love someone who is currently serving our Country, if you don't, please pray for my nephew-in-law, Chuck, who, after having his deployment extended, remains in Iraq. We are prayerfully expecting him home by August. So many young men and women are fighting this war on terroism first hand......let's pray for God's hand of protection!


Linda said...

I would be honored to pray for Chuck and for all the others who are serving our country in these very difficult times.
I know how you feel. When I have too many things to do, I begin to have dreams about trying desperately to reach a certain destination, or get something urgent done that I just can't seem to manage. I wake up exhausted.
A time out sounds lovely. Even if you had to stay indoors, you could just get a bit of "reviving".
Have a wonderful weekend whatever you decide to do!

Clemntine said...

Before our current home, I had never had one address for more than 4 years. Moving so often forced me to make the tough "keep/toss" decisions. We've been in this house nearly 6 years, and the accumulation is getting to me. We've made great headway on the garage, and I cleard YEARS of clothes out of my closet and sent it to charity today.

I'm on a roll here - sounds like you are too. Here's to being clutter-free!

Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you for the reminder to pray for our soldiers!

Nadine said...

Lord protect those who protect us. Keep them safe.

Have a great weekend.

Barb said...

Well, you spent some time getting a wonderful surprise in the mail to our friends Diane and Jessica this week, too. :-)

We've been in this house 3 and a half years and I have to be constantly vigilant or the clutter threatens to gain a stronghold again.

We're the photos of her brain scans Heather posted just the scariest things you've ever seen. I swear, her surgery was massive. She and her mother - their whole family, actually - are amazing.

groovyoldlady said...

We're having a yard sale this weekend to get rid of some of that junk and clutter that home ownership seems to breed. We even sold a random toilet!

Dawn said...

I am in desperate need of a move or a garage sale - but don't want either one!! Almost 29 years in this house - unbelievable what I would find if I had the courage to look!

I did finally get some stuff done this week-end that I've been putting off, but so much more to come. I've been inspired (put to shame) by so many posts about cleaning.

Have a wonderful week, whatever you decide to do! What a great package you sent to the other Diane!

Dawn said...

Hey, friend, Kev and I finished - Chapter 9 is published and it's the end of this journey of writing. It's kinda sad to be at the end, but it's really a beginning!