Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Wrap Up

It has been a week of lurking--yes, I have visited each of your blogs this week but have not left comments. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis fifteen years ago, I am having my first flare up. Who would have thought that typing could be so painful! I saw my Doctor yesterday, and he prescribed a dose of Prednisone and I will begin taking an arthritis medication next week. Apparently, Prednisone is a fast acting inflamation reducing med and he guaranteed I should be feeling some relief by this afternoon. Greater than the pain in my hands is the extreme fatigue I have been feeling. I look forward to the return of my energy....whereby, I will once again vacuum....and typing "HI!" when I visit your blogs! Well, vacuuming-maybe; but de-lurking...FOR SURE!

The weather in Minnesota is delightful! I do believe Spring has sprung! We are expecting a much needed rain this weekend--let the green spring forth!

I awoke this morning realizing that I had been praying in my sleep for Heather! Yesterday, Heather had brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to remove a brain tumor. I checked her blog several times yesterday, as many of you did, and appreciated every update! Heather's faith enriches my life and is such a testimony to the hundreds, yes, even the thousands who are following her struggle. She is living the words she types my blogging friends! What an inspiration.

My 'MIP' is having a good week. His back is healing and he continues to do twice-weekly physical therapy and chiropractic care. He also is making great progress as he sees his new Psychologist and attends a weekly support group. He and his Dad have scheduled another appointment to meet with the Psychologist next week and have scheduled an appointment for a joint meeting with Psychologist, patient, parents, and Psychiatrist to determine the right medications. To this point, he has been treated for Bi-polar disorder, however, this Psychologist does not believe he is Bi-polar; he believes he suffers with a 'severe spectrum' of ADHD. Mental health is not a quick diagnosis which is a bit frustrating but we are focusing on the hope of finding just the right treatment that will give him the best shot of moving forward. We are giving this process over to God and know that He will direct--we see His handiwork even in the midst of changing circumstances. Heather is so right....."God is good....ALL the time!"

Thanks for your visits this week....I will try to be a better-blogging-friend!

Have a great weekend!


Lynne said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Linda said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have arthritis in a my little fingers and one ring finger and just that little bit is quite painful at times - so I know how it must really be getting you down.
I will keep praying for your son. It all sounds very hopeful. Perhaps just getting a clear diagnosis will make a huge difference.
Rest - and have a good weekend.

Dawn said...

The prednisone must be doing its work for you to be able to type thi great wrap-up. I do indeed hope that this psychologist is right and that it's not bi-polar, but ADHD. Neither is good, but to me, bi-polar is such a sad diagnosis. ADHD can be treated and there are many adults who have it. This is encouraging!!

The news about Heather seems encouraging as well. That has also become my life motto: God is Good ALL the Time!!

Amy said...

Hi! I've come form the scavenger hunt over at Amy's. It is nice to meet you! I, too, have arthritis and I am happy to meet another blogger that does too. I don't like that you have it, mind you! I am 42 and have had JRA for 32 years. The prednisone will definitely help you get over this flare up! I will stop back by for a visit if you don't mind.

God is good! Just read the update on Heather. She has been a shining example of faith through it all!

C. H. Green said...

Just praising God for all the things He is doing around here. I miss talking with you my friend. I am so tired these days. Working a lot...I can imagine (just a little) your hand pain. Sometimes at night my hands just throb from all the typing, and as far as I know I don't have arthritis. Hope you get back to 100% soon. Love ya. Cindy

groovyoldlady said...

Ugh. arthritis.

Ugh. prednisone. But I'm glad it helped.

Keep your focus and feel better.

I'll be praying for the fellas...

Morning Glory said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your RA flare-up. It took me swiftly back a couple months to the days of my husband's most agonizing time with it. He's still on the prednisone, with regular reduction in it, and a couple other meds and they're all working beautifully now. I hope you feel better soon!

You are so right about the difficulty diagnosing mental disorders. I remember so well the counseling and juggling medications when our daughter was so ill. I pray you'll find the right answers and treatment.

Nadine said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. It's tough to have that kind of pain. May the Lord bring healing to your body.

Dawn said...

I trust a week-end away from typing and the meds are making you feel better! I hope you had a good visit with the doctor.

Seeker said...

I am trying to ask everyone who mentions on their blogs that they are praying for Heather to pray for Miss Priss too. She previously posted a comment on Heather's site: she is going through similar things to Heather, but is struggling with her faith as a result.

Thanks and God bless.