Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Wrap-Up

This morning as I listened to the birds announcing dawn, I was reminded, again, of how much I love Spring. Just a few days ago, I awoke to the noise of honking horns, screaming sirens, and the sound of air traffic overhead. This morning as I awoke, I was serenaded by the music of nature! How beautiful!

I have been busy trying to get a few things done after our short trip away. Once again, I find myself spending way to much time in my executive office...the laundry room! Speaking of executive offices....while I was in New York, the President, having left his own Oval Office, was visiting New York! When in New York, the President stays at the Waldorf Hotel, which, as it happened was across the street, and 1/2 block down the road from where we were staying. Walking through the revolving doors on Tuesday mid-morning, you could feel the 'buzz about the street. By mid-day, sidewalks had been barricaded, roads had been blocked and you could actually stand alone on the sidewalk in front of my hotel! As I sat down at a nearby cafe for a bite to eat, I watched as the New York Police Force positioned itself for his arrival.

The traffic was stopped--at a standstill--for nearly an hour. Pedestrians were not allowed to cross any of the four streets on any side of our hotel. People began to feel trapped, and the grumbling began. As I stood proudly awaiting the arrival of the President's motorcade, I listened, in sadness, as the comments began to unfold.

"Who does he think he is! He's just one man! What right does one man have to causing all of this rucus?!"

"I'll be so glad when this guy is out of office!"

"This is all for show! What an ego-maniac!"

Any time the comments were directed my way, I tried to suggest the real reason for such extravagant security measures: we live in a crazy world! Yes, it would be nice if the President of the United States could travel without the very real threat of an assassination attempt. Yes, I'm sure it is difficult to shut down the streets of New York for his arrival--but how much more difficult must it be to prevent the "shutting down" of a President's life.

By 2:30 p.m., we knew his arrival was imminent as the overhead helicopters were hovering. Soon, we all saw the ensuing arrival of police officers on motorcycles, a town car, and then, several black Suburbans (or the like) with heavily tinted they made their way to the designated gate of arrival. My excitement over this 'brush of fame' was only diminished by the sadness I felt over the lack of appreciation and respect for the highest office in our Country.

And then, yesterday morning as I was folding, yet, another load of laundry, I heard Barbara Walters commiserating about the barracades on The View. Turning the volume up, I sat at the center island of my kitchen and listened as this women of class, stooped to complaining about how she was personally inconvenienced by his arrival.

She called it her rant. Apparently, she lives nearby the Waldorf and was trying to walk back to her home during the barracade. She was held-up for 15 minutes, not allowed to cross the street to continue her walk home. Oh the shame of it all! Barbara Walters was delayed 15 minutes while the NYC Police Force did their job! How does such a smart woman rant...about such triviality? Hasn't she dined with the widow of JFK? Hasn't she interviewed the spouse (Nancy Regan) of another President whose life was threatened by the bullets of an assassin? Doesn't she have so much more to rant about....than a 15 minute delay!?????

(Taking a deep breath!)
Let it be enough to say, no matter political persuasion, I long for the return of the day that we honor the postion, the office, of the Presidency. The sacrifice of a traffic detour, whether by car or by foot, is a small (small? it doesn't even register in the realm of sacrifice!) price to pay as we protect that Office while the President spends his/and someday, just maybe, her day doing the President's job, without risk of loss of life.
Geesh! More ranting! Sorry!
Have a great (and rant-free) weekend!


Linda said...

I couldn't agree more. I know that all of the recent presidents are fodder for the late night comedians, but it somehow always makes me feel uncomfortable. It is so disrespectful of the office.
So...did Laura stop and have a cup of coffee with you? That would certainly make my day!!

Diane J. said...

The lack of respect for the office, if not the man, is disgraceful, Diane. I heartily agree with you.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend, my friend. :-)

Love and hugs,


Delia said...

I don't understand how people could get so bent out of shape about the measures needed to protect him. Because like his policies and his methods or not, he should be respected as a human being. And his life is on the line every time he's out in public, to protect his life should definitely be worth 15 minutes of her time.

groovyoldlady said...

Sheesh...I would have just been thrilled to see the president, even if had been Clinton!

We saw the elder George Bush and his wife at a baseball game in Portland, Maine. We all thought the secret service protection AND the ex-pres and wife were TOTALLY cool!!!!!!

My Kid's Mom said...

I heard about the Barbara Walters "rant", and you made it even more personal by your experience. I, too, am tired by the way people are treating this President. How he can keep on going when under such criticism and derision is an amazing testimony to his faith in the Lord.

Dawn said...

I could not agree with you more. It is pathetic. I agree that he has to have a strong relationship with God to put up with all the junk that he has to deal with in the junk press and the "real" press.

Brenda and I just returned from our visit and I will post on Monday for sure with a picture. It was fun.

Nadine said...

Very good post. Too often we don't have the respect for the authority God has placed in our lives - I was no better and learned by lesson with Pres. Cinton was in office. I was saddened by my behavior. Respect for the office of the President regardless of who its held by is a basic mandate we have.

There I ranted with you. Have a great weekend.

amy said...

Love your music on here!

Just a reminder the scavenger hunt starts in the morning

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Great post and so true.

Many blessings to you.


Dawn said...

Where are you, dear friend?? YOu must be traveling or very busy.