Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Look up!

Ladies (and the ocassional gentleman),

How much fun is it to travel with your little sisters, one on her very first airline ride ever on her way to see the Ocean for the first time in her life!
Her enthusiasm was contagious! Sitting by the window, the joy was overwhelming as the plane turned, descending into Fort Myers, Florida and the Coastline appeared.

These three girls may have grown up on the "wrong side of the tracks" but this day, we were on the right side of the plane, getting a glimpse of good things to come!

The beauty of this dream-come-true was only surpassed by the reality of the colors, the sound, and the feel of the warm Gulf water washing over our feet. It is amazing to discover that the hardships of life are necessary to really appreciate the glorious beauty we see when we lift our eyes from our pain and look up!

We ate, we swam, we laughed, we played! We talked of old times and of coming good times. We spoke of the bondage that alcohol addiction creates and rejoiced for the joy of freedom, if only you choose it! Choices! Never, as children, did we ever imagine that the world was filled with such beauty! Never, would we have invited a friend to our turbulent rented homes, the unpredictability of an alcoholic rage was....well...predictable. Yes, the unspoken realities of a childhood lost travel the distance of life with you, always. Still, miracles happen; where friends were once univited, my grown daughter traveled this journey with us! No need for shame, no dread or fear. For certainly, generational curses have been broken!

Never could I have imagined that sisters, once held captive, would travel so far; so distanced from the memories of what was not, yet, sitting so happily in the lap of what came to be! While the "elephant in the living room" may have prevented any childhood bonding, Marco Island reminded us that "Having never bonded as children, I'm even more fortunate to have this special memory of bonding with you in Marco as adults who choose to have each other in our lives." (written by my sister, Dixie)

So as you look up today and thank God for the blessings in your life, continue to remember, and never forget, it is when you look up that you discover the firm foundation you are standing on!


Kristen said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful, gorgeous pictures. That water is amazing!

I'm glad you got to have that wonderful bonding time with your sisters!

Kelly Klepfer said...

How cool is that!

I'm a little jealous of the sand, the sea and the waves.

And oddly enough I posted my blog just before popping over to yours and I mentioned looking up.

C. H. Green said...

Simply beautiful post!

eph2810 said...

Oh, Diane - how beautiful. I am so thrilled that you had the best time ever together :). This island sure looks incredible. A place where you can make wonderful memories :) Thank you so much for sharing the visit to Marco Island.

Blessings to you and yours...

Dawn said...

That white sand looks a lot nicer right now than Minnesota snow!! What an awesome gift you gave each other. Sounds like you have come a LONG ways from your childhood. What a blessing.

Loved your comment on my In This Skin post - well said!

tazi2 said...

i am dianes sister. i have a beutiful sister we had unforgetable memories made was a trip in a life time. wishes came true. many of them. i am proud so proud to say diane is my sister

Sharon Lynne said...

How true--that our times of rest and reflection and fun--are so much more meaningful and appreciated when one has known pain.

Loved the feet picture. Wow! That's white sand! The sand on California beaches is darker.

Jenn said...

Oh, that's it, I am getting on Travelzoo RIGHT NOW and heading off into the sunset with the best women I about inspiring. The sand! The sea! The umbrella drinks? At least one?

Yay for you gals.

Deborah and Sally said...

Fun, fun, fun !!:)

Sista Cala said...

Fort Myers is a neat place to visit. I have spent a couple of weeks there twice in my life. I have some good friends that live right on the beach. Wait.. all the houses are on the beach, right? The island is about 6 or 7 miles long and a mile wide if memory serves me. It was off the coast there, I went deep sea fishing for the first and only time.

Glad you had a good time making those kodak moments.

blackpurl said...

wow, what great photos! sounds like you had a great time!