Thursday, March 01, 2007

.......In Like a Lion

With the arrival of March, winter has arrived in Minnesota. Believe it or not--we had our 2nd snowstorm of our winter season last weekend and are experiencing the 3rd blast currently. Waking up this morning, I checked the school closings for my 9th grade son ( :( ).....alas--not yet! It seems the worst part of the storm is not expected until later today--so it's off to school for him.

Another Lion, the Lion of Judah, has shown his power as March approaches! Actually, the Lion of Judah is not limited to a season....He is our protector every day of our life. After months of searching for full time employment, our son (yes, Morning Glory, my "miracle in progress") interviewed, tested, and was hired yesterday as a Data Entry Coordinator for a Health Insurance Administrator. Do I hear a R-O-A-R?
The excitement in my sons voice, as he phoned me to tell me all about his interview--was overwhelming. His self-esteem had been battered throughout the weeks, the months of submitting applications, going to interviews, and waiting for the never-to-be-received-call-backs. This time, the interview, the data entry test, and the call back happened within one hour!
"Mom! I got the job!"
"I'll work in an Dad!"
"In fact, it's the same office building that Dad's firm was in!"

"It's a r-e-a-l job, Mom!"
"I was so nervous walking through the office; I never thought I could work in a place like that!"

"This is a man's job, Mom, there were other men working in the office!"

"I start on Monday, I get my own email account, and a name plate for my cubicle!"
"It's in health care Mom! Katie and I both work in health care!"
Can I tell you the weight of this burden was not really understood, until it was lifted! Can I begin to tell you how thankful we are to God for His faithful protection and providence. Ladies (and gentlemen), what's the life lesson in this? The take-home value? The bottom line? While we have been busy praying, the Lion of Judah has promised to prey on the enemy!
Do I hear a R-O-A-R!?!?
I feel like a party! Good timing! See you there!


Morning Glory said...

Diane, I am positively grinning -- no smiling! -- from ear to ear!! This is fabulous news and reminds me once again that God is STILL in control!

I love the pictures. Your son is a handsome dude, and you are a very beautiful woman. The joy in both of your faces is so obvious. I'm just thrilled for all of you.

Miracles just keep coming when God is ready for it to be the perfect one.

Grandma Cathy said...

You just recently visited my site with the spider web, I have been visiting your site off and on, don't remember if I have left a comment before. The reason I am drawn back to your site, is I too have a prodigal son. I feel I can't post on my site regarding him because he might be reading it. We have worked with troubled boys for almost 17 years if we count the 1 1/2 we worked at a ranch before we started the one we operate now. Our oldest son, was always our strongest willed, when he went off to college he totally changed, I too, am waiting for that miracle in my son's life. I want to ROAR with you with this great answer to prayer for your son's job, and how this surely will help his self esteem. Thank you for you site I'm encouraged.

Barb said...

Oh, how absolutely wonderful. Yes ma'am, I do understand how hard it is to spend months interviewing and filling out paperwork and never getting that call.

I smiled from ear to ear when I read how excited he is. Good for him!

I'm truly amazed this is only your third snow storm. I thought Minnesota was pretty much buried all through the winter. At any rate, stay warm. Spring has to start showing up soon. LOL

Dawn said...

WOO HOO!!! I love his excitement at being in an office with a name plate, an e-mail account, and with men. Just great! Give him high fives for me!

I've decided to take your advice and party hardy for the next week.

C. H. Green said...

Great news!Expecting to hear more great reports as the days go by.

Linda said...

Oh - I can feel the excitement through the computer screen. Tell your son we're proud of him. I can just imagine how great you all must feel.
We are so blessed that not only does He fight our battle for us - He has already won the victory.
Rejoicing with you!!!

Brenda said...

That is wonderful news! High fives from me, too! His excitement is contagious. Praise the Lord!

truth said...

Can I dance along with you too? Sounds like a "roaring" good time.

Mandy said...

Oh, how lovely! You certainly are blessed! Happy party hopping!