Friday, January 19, 2007


Great news! Thank you God, Emma has returned home and will see her transplant team on February 1st. Please remember to pray for this little girl and her family.

Winter has officially come to Minnesota--we're enduring a cold snap that has brought with it the annual winter "crud." Our entire household is down with a virus that is relentless! Married daughter got it first, 9th grade basketball star next, traveling husband followed.....and now, yours truly has a fuller understanding of what they have been dealing with! I am bundled up in my warmest winter jammies, hot chocolate nearby, and Hal's cough drops in my lap. It is important to be armed for such a monster!

I am uncertain as to the plans for my day; this thing has left me feeling lethargic! Nothing wrong with resting (while blog-browsing!) and fighting this thing off with a good nap. :) Basketball star has a game this evening that I hope to attend; and of course there are the usual loads of laundry and rescue cleaning (from the night time gremlins that seem to wander our house making a mess!). All in good time.

Make it a great day my bloggity-friends. No matter what your Friday entails--remember to thank God for the blessings of your life. AND, at the top of the list today is Emma's good news. :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the virus, the cold weather and everything that winter seems to bring with it. I love watching basketball too, either live or on TV. Tonight our Denver Nuggets are playing. Looking forward to it.
Hope you feel better, and continue to drink that hot chocolate and suck on those drops. They helped me A LOT.

Yellow Mama said...

howdy...for some reason I can't enter your blog through the comment you posted...

Anyway, peanut butter sandwiches are a staple during bad weather...sounds like you know how to do it.

Yep we have the tornados also, but blizzards are few and far between, so people tend to do a little freaking out.

Stay warm and be healed!

Especially Heather said...

Many prayers going up for you and your family! Thank you for loving on my family through prayer this last week- seeing how many people cared about our situation is truly amazing!

If it makes you feel better, I live in Florida with no snow- and the crud is all around us ;)

Be Blessed,

Dawn said...

I think Anonymous was Sema - she was having big Blogger issues yesterday - the Denver Nuggets was my first clue.

Hey, love you new look! I have been so behind that I haven't visited anyone for about 3 days. I don't like that feeling.

Hope you feel better soon!! Can't wait till we have our blogger get-together!