Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How do YOU get it all done?!?!?

November 1st already--how did I miss October? What a month! It began with the celebration of my MIL's 83rd birthday and 24 short hours later we found ourselves sitting in the Heart Center's Critical Care Unit. As the month ends, Sally has been transferred to a lovely assisted living center and we are thankful for each blessing and miracles we have received on her behalf! For a more thorough update, please visit Sally's Update.

We have returned from our trip to Buenos Aires, our suitcases have been emptied and the laundry room awaits! Isn't that just life! No matter the joy, there is work to be done! I have flipped the calendar pages over and find that each day is filled with necessary errands, appointments and things to be done. Life doesn't slow down simply because of jet lag! We are just a few short weeks from Thanksgiving and I can't even begin to think about Christmas preparations. Finding the balance of thankfulness, peace and joy in the midst of the necessary preparations is already lost! And I've not even begun!

What do you do when the pressure builds and time fades to forge through the paralyzing anxiety that prohibits any reasonable task from being completed? I know, I know, maybe blogging isn't helping! But I'd love to know! As I feel the stress mount up the back of my shoulder blades seeping into the base of my neck....I need to know! Do you make, yet, another list? Do you start small? Do you ignore the things you hate and do the thing you love? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What works for you?

While I await your reply, I will begin in my laundry room. Maybe, just maybe, I'll even bring out the vacuum cleaner and tackle the dust bunnies that have grown exponentially with each day of October I was away! After all, I don't want to have decorate them for the Holidays!


Kristen said...

I tend to procrastinate. It all gets too overwhelming and I just pretend the things I need to do don't exist. Until I can't handle it anymore and do it all in one day like a woman gone mad. Not the most constructive way to handle things....definitely not the best way, but that seems to be my M.O.

Glad you're back. I've missed you!

Dionna Sanchez said...

I used to feel just like you - even last year. And sometimes those moments return. But I'm learning to just do what I can do. To prioritize, and the things that don't get done then, can wait. Life really won't break down if I don't get them done.

Heather Smith said...

I tend to wait until last minute on the Christmas shopping thing. I HATE to shope. I'm weird like that! But when I go shopping I wish I'd started earlier. When will I ever learn!!

Dawn said...

I have cut out baking pretty much. And when things are really crazy and I can't put them in words, I do a Valentine's letter instead of Christmas! You find out who your friends really are - the ones who send you a card or letter even though they don't get one from you!

I wish we didn't have the chaos and could just enjoy the lights, decorations, the love of the One for whom the season exists!

Gardenia said...

It does seem like we're going pell-mell, down endless roads of endless to-do's. And then when so many are done, they become to-do's again!

I have a tendency to run away to the movies for two hours, eat popcorn, have a coke (bring it in in my purse if I'm broke.) Or do a piece of art. Then I'm refreshed and so then sit down and make lists. Then I think, ok what's the priority? Then I number them in priority and start hacking away.

I did this in elections for our elections staff, and they are feeling much much better as they cross of to-do's one, by one. This morning when I checked they had one of the huge lists done and they were laughing!

Peace, joy, thankfullness - I think we have to make about 15 minutes min. each day and just think about these things, about God. It centers us for the rest.

Diane said...

Hi, I'm a first time visitor, but I'll be back! I struggle with prioritizing and procrastinating as well. I've found alot of help and encouragement through I'm finially learning to break tasks down into "baby steps" and that "I can do anything for 15 minutes". I'm already thinking about what I need to get done for Thanksgiving and what I can start working on now to have things organized and stress free. I'm sorry to say I'm just now learning these lessons in life... but better late than never! :-) Diane

Dave said...

My motto is this:

"Always save for tomorrow what you didn't have time to put off today."