Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yesterday was just one of those days--you know the day....a RED LETTER DAY! All three of my adult children went to work! Now this may seem like an ordinary day for some--but it was a day to commemorate at this household!

Our daughter, Katie, began her first day as an RN. After years of college and a lifetime of dreaming, she is now working in the Level 3, Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital, Minneapolis! Her husband, my son-in-law, Eric, after a summer sabatical to finish those last required college credits, returned to his full-time job as an accountant. After a 5 year college program, which, I must add, was paid for by hard labor--he worked his way through college; Eric is now working full-time and studying for the dreaded CPA exam! Our son, Curt, has begun a part-time job (30 hours a week) at a nearby UPS Store.....and loves it! So, all in all, it was a very good day!

And to top it off, I discovered my husband is a mere mortal! After years of knowing EXACTLY where his keys are, where his wallet is, and where his glasses are (can you even imagine!), my husband left the cabin yesterday to have breakfast before heading back into town to work......without his wallet, cash or watch! After ordering breakfast, reading the newspaper, enjoying his favorite meal of the day, he discovered when he reached for his cash--that he had left home without it! Imagine my delight when he phoned to ask if I would do him just one little favor!!!!! Could I just hop in my car (yes, he knew it was before sunrise and I hadn't even showered--still he used the word.....HOP!!!!) and deliver to him his wallet, cash and watch--so he could pay for breakfast and drive legally the two hours to work!

Now--after 32 years of marriage and 32 years of mini-lectures everytime I misplaced or forgot something...you can only imagine the conversation I was rehearsing in my mind when I was driving to the restaurant. Of course, I grabbed my digital camera so I could take pictures of him "washing the dishes" for his meal. But to my dismay, this is his favorite breakfast spot--they like him. The staff welcomed me with warm smiles and asked if I wanted to join my husband for a cup of coffee! They all had been nearby him, waiting for my arrival!

As I sat down in the booth to join him, the waitress poured a freshly brewed cup of coffee and asked if I wanted my "usual." I smiled, anxiously wanting her to just leave so I could gently, but firmly reprimand him! After all, I had planned with great joy to share one of HIS life lessons with HIM! However, his gratitude and sheepish smile destroyed any revenge I had planned! I discovered that a life lesson had been learned without even a word! He learned how sweet a favor really is--without a lecture! And I learned.....that it is nice to be married to a mere mortal!

Yes, yesterday was a red-letter-day!


Dawn said...

Hey! Welcome Back! We've missed you this week. Seems longer. So glad to know that your husband is a mere mortal. This is a great story. Congratulations on the 3 gainfully employed kids. I truly hope this job works out for Curt and that he continues to love it. Kev starts classes today and Angie ends her program Thursday, then begins an externship at the hospital in medical coding. We are very proud of her.

This blogging thing has become addictive and I'm amazed at all of the subjects that rattle around in my brain during the day. Thanks for helping me get going! See you soon??

Brenda said...

Congrats on all your good news! And welcome back! You have been missed.

Heather Smith said...

You are too funny! Yay for the jobs that your children have. God truly does bless!
And it is nice once in a while to have someone realize that we truly don't forget things ON PURPOSE. It really is done accidentally.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog today!

MugwumpMom said...

Oh too funny. I'm glad that you restrained the lecture..his sheepish smile gotcha did it!?

Congrats to your children for their new jobs after all that effort and such. Very cool.

Enjoy your Tuesday

T said...

that's hilarious. don't you just love those times?

Dawn said...

I love your comments! They are so right on. Have a great day!

Today is the first day of school here and I sent Anakin off to third grade. He wanted no part of our getting out of the car and walking anywhere with him. That's a good thing. Pray with us that he'll have a much better year than last year. He is so bright, but has trouble concentrating.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Oh, but it is a good feeling still - isn't it? I know it, I have been there wih my mere mortal too. And yes - the shhepish grin and the embarrasment is lesson enough. Nolecture needed - yet that little feeling is good. LOL!!!Good to see you again, I missed you!