Thursday, July 27, 2006

Community in Blog-land

There seems to be a theme out in blog-land this week: Community. In keeping with getting-to-one-another within this community, I will be participating in BooMama's 1st Annual (and by Annual she means "Only") Blog Tour of Homes tomorrow. That leaves 24 hours for you to gather together 5 photos of your blogging home to share with all of your blog-neighbors. Check out BooMama for more details. She's a hoot! It will be worth the visit alone!

So in the words of BooMama: "It's a blog home tour y'all. Spread the word, y'all! And remember, this extraordinarily detailed information will give you something to post one day when you're struggling with writer's block. SERVING THE PEOPLE AS ALWAYS, I am!"

24 hours to count down. I will be posting from my cabin--which is a good thing on all sorts of levels. Foremost is the fact that it was a much smaller area to clean up before taking digital photos--than my house. Considering I haven't been home for more than 6 weeks--I hate to think of the dust bunnies and green mold that will be welcoming me when I walk through the doors sometime in August!

See you tomorrow! It will be fun to tour each blog-home and have a deeper ability to visualize where y'all sit and live when blogging! Check out the rules of this tour--it's a 5-step plan--not tough at all. Even with ADD; BooMama has walked us through it with such comedic energy--anyone can participate!

Until tomorrow.....

From my loft at the Lake....Diane


steve said...

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And PLEASE help me spread the word and the music!!

Dawn said...

I wish I had some clue as to how to do these special things, but I don't! Sounds like fun.

Kristen said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your home in the bloggy home tour, y'all!

I decided not to do it because I just couldn't fathom taking pictures of my toy ridden home for the whole blog world to see, but maybe I shouldn't have worried so much about it because now I'm bummed I didn't do it. Oh, well.

Cherrypie said...

Hope blogger sorts out its picture posting thingyummyjig for you. I've not been able to get any photos loaded all week x