Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday's Wrap-up

As is the case with most first weeks of summer, it was a very busy week. Let's review:

While my lip swelling has reduced and my nostrils are once again even, the drooling has stopped and the bruises are healing; my front teeth still hurt to the bone. Good news is-- they no longer wobble!

  • Hubby has returned home from London (sigh) and 14 year old is still enjoying the first days of summer at the cabin with his sister and brother-in-law! Thankfully, the dogs are there too!
  • My eye sight isn't what it used to be, but I have seen some great miracles this week!
  • I continue to refill my canteen daily--it has made a difference!
  • We have much to be thankful for--topping the list--Dawn's son came home! With Dawn's permission and handy computer skills (Dawn, you really must start blogging--we had a blog-full of party guests that would like to visit you daily!), I have tried three times to upload the photo she sent of Kevin--blogger isn't cooperating. I will try again later and post when allowed!
  • In the meantime, I will post something I found blog-surfing yesterday. This is a powerful description of the difference between giving up and letting go, found at Fisherman for Christ. Check this out--in the short time he has been blogging, it is clear, he packs a powerful punch! Today's post is entitled, "What can storms teach us."

Giving up and Letting Go!!

"Giving up implies a struggle---
Letting go implies a partnership.
Giving up dreads the future--
Letting go looks forward to the future.
Giving up lives out of fear---
Letting go lives out of grace and trust.
Giving up is a defeat--
Letting go is a victory.
Giving up is unwillingly yielding control
to forces beyond myself--
Letting go is choosing to yield to forces beyond myself.
Giving up believes that God cannot help--
Letting go trust in God to care and to carry!!"

(By Hank Dunn)

  • For Kevin, for his family, for me, for all of us--this description is empowering. Letting go of a loved one or a relentless situation is nearly impossible, unless we surrender to the One who is the Victory! My prayer for Kevin is that he will remember these words as he faces unknown trials and temptations as he walks forward in his victory! My prayer for each parent who loves a wayward child, is that we will feel the powerful difference between giving up.....and Letting go to God.

    It has been a very good week; in spite of Bloggers continued glitches. But that really is life, isn't it? It is about living victoriously in a world filled with battle. It is about persevering through each roadblock because we know we are not walking alone. It is about living in partnership with the One who loves us! A few glitches can't get us down--after all, His desire is to continually lift us up!

Yes, it has been a very good week. Now, if I could only figure out what's up with those serpents!


Kristen said...

Diane, you are wonderful and so thoughtful to post a welcome home party for my brother! It is fabulous to have him home and we're praying with all that we have that his hard work and success continues now in the real world! You're a great person!

dawn said...

Kristen says she's going to sep me up - I really need to blog. But it's intimidating to me, for some reason. But I have truly met some great people by just visiting and commenting. I guess one of my fears is that I will want to read and comment on everyone every day and my job doesn't allow me that time and when I'm home, Fiesty is on my lap (right now she's slapping at my hands and saying "Stop it!") She sees Mommy up in the corner of her comment and says "Mommy's there!"

Well, I need to once again thank everyone for the great party yesterday. I am sharing Diane's words, and many of yours, with Kevin and his wife. When I am set up, I'll share more of the journey with those of you who only got in on the end. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! Even when we don't FEEL Him.

dawn said...

Why in the world don't I check over my stuff before I hit Send? That should be "set me up", not "sep"!

Lisa said...

Hi Diane--
Just stopping by to say to Hi! You are such a motivational person--ever think about becoming a motivational speaker??

I love the tips/poems/stories posted...all very encouraging!

Thanks for the if you could only help with my wrinkles...okay, I know you just can't do it ALL ;)

God bless and keep up the good work!