Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Gentle Whisper

Welcome to the first ever posting to Partners in Prayer for Our Prodigals. After spending months learning how to navigate through cyber-space, I have discovered blogging. This may not seem like much of an accomplishment to you; let me just note--I'm not the stereotypical blogger. I am a 51 year old, midwest suburban housewife who brings much apprehension to this keyboard. Don't get me wrong, I love a good adventure, but cyberspace is new territory for me.

So I needed some motivation, some inspiration, some courage...allowing me to throw caution to the wind and begin this mid-life experiment. My knees are a little weak but my muse is strong! What a better venue to gather Mom's and Dad's together for encouragement and support as they pray for their prodigals....than a blog! Bet you never thought you'd hear your mom say those words!

So I begin. I take the first steps into a huge learning curve. But isn't that what life really is. I've been known to say, "Life is NOT a dress rehearsal." Unfortunate...but true. There have been many times throughout my life that I wish I could have had a little more time to prepare....a little more room to breathe, maybe just...one more do-over. As is with golf, mulligans in life are not part of the official rules.

Still, I have also learned during my 1/2 century of living--that when we walk in God's purpose for us--He handles the do-overs! I have believed this very thing for so many years that it surprised me to discover that I wasn't trusting him with one of my most priceless treasures....my son.

When life was going well...I believed I was a pretty good mom! Isn't it interesting that when things are under control, we succumb to the allusion that we are the controller! Then, without warning, my son's life began to unravel. This learning curve began to sweep our family into a downward spiral. It was God who caught us.

Take a look at Luke 15: 11-25. It is from this Scripture passage that I have named this blog...Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals. I am not a theologian, Bible Scholar, or Pastor; however, I am a mom who has researched every creative parenting technique, read every hurting parent book written, and finally felt convicted...."to let go...and let God." After years of trying to control my son's addiction, one night, exhausted from the battle, I yelled out at God........"Do something!" With a gentle, soothing, whisper, He responded, "Diane, I have been here waiting to do something, you must take your hands so tightly off him so I can do my work in him." That was the first moment of my letting go.

It is not an easy task. One of my hopes for this blog site is for parents of children who are wayward, lost: prodigals, to find support, comfort, and encouragement; food for the wait as we stand in the gap for our children. Let this blog site stand for something more than an afternoon experiment, let it be filled with the preparations necessary for the huge celebration we will all have when our loved ones return home!


C. H. Green said...

I think this is awesome that you are breaking out of your comfort zone and helping others that deal with this burden on a daily basis. I wish you well in this endeavor as you strive to minister to hurting souls through your blog. Way to Go!

Anonymous said...

I was excited when my daughter gave me your blog address. I too have a child raised in Christianity but now claims to not believe in God. Homosexuality is an issue but I don't think it is the main issue . I have cried and ranted and prayed and exhausted myself for over 5 years. I know God is working and I know He loves all our children even more than we can. God bless you in your effots.

Lyn said...

Thank you for leading me to your site, by commenting on mine.

What wonderful things you say. And you say them in such a comforting way.

May God continue to bless you and us by your blog.


Scott A. Edwards said...
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