Thursday, April 09, 2015

When YOU become the prodigal...

The journey of loving a prodigal can be painful and isolating.

I have made many mistakes. I have wrestled with
God as I resisted surrendering my prodigal's journey to God alone. I have chased my prodigal on his journey and in the process have inadvertently created collateral damage.

In my despair, I finally surrender my prodigal to God.

And then, I take him back.  Sound familiar?

Truth: We, alone, are not the savior of our prodigal.

Truth: As long as we fight harder for his/her life than he/she does...we do no good, inadvertently                    enable, participate in the squander of our prodigals life, and most likely, become absolutely
           hopeless. I know, I've done it.
Truth: There is no shame in chasing our prodigal; we must only learn and return ourselves. It is when             we stop and "return our HOPE in the Lord" that our "strength will be renewed. [We] will soar              on wings like eagles; [we] will run and not grow weary, [we] will walk and not be faint."                    (Isaiah 40:31)
Truth:  Our tears are not in vain! But it IS TIME for a RESPITE as we wait on the Lord.

           Click Respite to visit Partners In Prayer for Our Prodigals' 
Spa for the Soul  
  • Resolve to stop chasing your prodigal
  • Engage healthy, biblical principles as you await your prodigal’s return
  • Surrender your prodigal’s journey to God
  • Pray: Stand in the gap on behalf of your prodigal
  • Invite others on your journey-do not isolate-gather and offer support
  • Trust God’s promise and power
  • Equip yourself, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally—for you have a banquet to prepare—what a banquet it will be! 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE on this journey. Join us on Facebook, The Prodigal Hope Network. 
Commit to engage in one healthy behavior, just for you, each day. 
Take time to pray and spend time in the Word so you will, once again, trust God's promises and power. 
Daily, surrender your prodigal's journey to God...and then get out of the way. Let God complete the good work in your prodigal's life. 
Go to your the ONE who stands in the gap on behalf of your God will not destroy your 'land' (Ez. 22:30) 

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Anonymous said...

I wept so many tears over my prodigal. When I consulted my pastor, he gave me some advice I've never forgotten. Perhaps it will help others as it helped me. "Do whatever it takes to keep the line of communication open," he said. "If they will only talk to you on the phone for five minutes, cherish those five minutes. And never hang up without saying 'I love you.'"